Friday, August 28, 2009

Haven at Home Happenings...

It was another full week here at our Haven at Home.
Early in the week, we had the blessing of being able
to minister to a "gramma" from church by visiting with her,
bringing her a basket of goodies, and helping her by
finishing the wallpaper in her kitchen, hang curtains, etc...
It was a real blessing to spend a few hours with her.

Two days this week were spent at the dentist's office.
Our time spent at home was more minimal than usual
and though we weren't quite able to stick with our schedule,
we were able to keep up with our History/Bible studies
and I was able to get a little sewing done.
Next week, Lord willing, we will be jumping back on board
of implementing our new schedule.

Below are some recent snapshots from our haven at home...

Beth and Carolynne pretending it's winter in August.
In this pic, they were "ice skating". ;o)

Sprinkler fun with a friends

Dad and Will fixing a curtain rod

Enjoying a tea magazine

Beth helping Mama make biscuits

Beth's phonetical spelling (according to her)
of one of our night's supper

Daddy's PT... dragging the children
around the house while they hang on to his ankles. LOL

Carolynne and Suzie
after she proudly dressed her up as a butterfly

Suzie wasn't as thrilled. lol

Hope you have enjoyed your week, too! *Ü*


Kristy... said...

looks like your Dh had an extra kid on his ankles... thats a FUN pic.. I also love how the flip flop is on the floor way behind her.

I love Suzie dressed as a butterfly! HOW FUN>
oh and I would love to try a wet baretdoh!!!!

Kristy... said...

oh and one more thing... the Winter in August picture... PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

Looked fun being carried around by his cute:) Looks like you have a great week!!

KT said...

You have such a wonderful looking family.

Susan said...

Your littles cracked me up "ice skating" in August . . . then in the next picture they're playing in the sprinkler! LOL

The last picture is funny too. If looks could kill . . .

Thanks for a glimpse into your week!

Anonymous said...

suzzie would rather chase a the pic..and all the kids having a good time togather and "daddy" too.Hope Ally found some good tea...and your able to get your sewing done...really enjoyed talking,Love to all...

michelle said...

Kids are such a joy and I so enjoy visiting with you guys. You bring a smile to my face and i like that! Poor Susie did not looked pleased at all! Funny. Man hubby is gonna have some strong muscles dragging those little stinkers around.

PlainJane said...

I had to lol at the ice skating photo - how fun! And then to see them in the sprinkler the next. Your DH could actually walk with all the ankle grabbers - what a guy. lol and poor Suzie - what a sport. She looks like she is saying, "Help, mom!".


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