Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A New Method...

We are adopting a new method...
Not a new method of homeschooling
but a new method in how we keep our books.
I have seen so many posts in the past month
regarding Sue Patrick's workbox system
and after reading posts, looking at photos, etc...
I decided that what I really wanted for us right now
was an easy way for the children to access their books
and to keep things more organized without much of a hassle.
So I decided, instead, to simply get individual "boxes"
for each child's homeschool books
and keep them on separate shelves.
Already we have found it very helpful...
Each child has their own bin with their own books in it
and even Mama has one for her books and for family resources. *Ü*

{top to bottom: Mama's; Carolynne's; Beth's; and Will's}

It's simple... I like it.


Jungle Mom said...

And it looks neat too!

Anonymous said...


I have something similar to this, as well. In the upright, black, magazine holders. It makes finding things SO much easier. Have fun with your new system. Isn't it fun to do something new? :-D


Pam said...

Love thi idea! It does look neat for so many "students"! I have only one, so he gets his own shelf of our large bookshelf. I imagine if I had more children, I'd incorporate something like this system.

Anonymous said...

Hi christina,
We have something similar here. I had one of those plastic basket trolleys that you can use for putting fruit and veggies in (three baskets on top of each other with wheels for easy movement). I names each basket with my daughters names and put all their books, writing materials, worksheets in there. We have recently moved and I am blessed with an extra cupboard in the hallway which is now our designated homeschool cupboard. I put all their work into one huge plastic tray and bring it out into the kitchen and place on our large table. The girls sometimes work on their own at a little school desk they have in their rooms but as a rule we are all together in the living room, using the big table.
I do like your idea though as it is bright, tidy and very manageable. bless you, Sandra in NZ.


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