Friday, January 30, 2009

Learning Logistics 2008-2009

Every year I like to compile a 'master list'
of the curriculum, tools, and resources
that we use or intend to use during our year of learning.
It took me a little longer than usual this year
but I did, finally, get around to putting it together. Ü

I, usually, post this list on my blog
(mostly for past and future reference)
and thought it would be a lot of fun to have others share.
It can be a real delight to see other's ideas,
discovering new resources, or being reminded of ones
that, perhaps, we considered before.
I just thought it would be fun, all the way around!
So, I bring you Learning Logistics...
the planning, implementation, and cooridination
of the details of... our learning at home.

Below is a list (though not exhaustive/detailed)
of our learning logistics
for this year of learning in our home.

If you'd like to share
your learning logistics for the year,
please grab the graphic below,
provide a link to this post (so others can join),
and sign the Mr. Linky at the bottom. Ü
I look forward to this time of sharing!
Lord willing, we'll share each fall in the future. ;o)

Proverbs study/illustrations
SOW (roughly 1 semester)

(for 10 year old/5th grade)
Honorable Boy Bible study (Queen Homeschool)
miscellaneous books and missionary biographies

(for 15 year old/12th grade)
daily, personal Bible reading
Wisdom for Life notebook (Simply Charlotte Mason)
miscellaneous books and missionary biographies

Language Arts:
Bible reading (oral) and memorization

Language Lessons for Little Ones (Queen HS)
informal phonics

Language Lessons for Little Ones 2 (Queen HS)
reading aloud/informal phonics
Noah Websters Reading Handbook
miscellaneous 'readers'

(10yrs/5th grade)
Language Lessons for the Elementary Child 2 (Queen HS)
Writing Trails in American History (I.E.W)
Copywork for Boys (Queen HS)
Pictures in Cursive: Primer (Queen HS)
narration in all subjects
living books list

(15yrs/12th grade)
Windows to the World: Literary Analysis (I.E.W)
creative writing (newsletters)
living books list
Greek 1 (Rosetta Stone)

creation/nature study
miscellaneous living books
Birds and Blooms magazine
Kent Hovind seminars dvds

(10yrs/5th grade)
Exploring Creation with Zoology 1: Flying Creatures... (Apologia)

(15yrs/12th grade)
Advanced Biology: The Human Body (Apologia)

Learning Through History magazine
miscellaneous living books

(10yrs/5th grade)
Genesis Through Exodus and Ancient Egypt (Simply CM)
(all participating)
ongoing list of living books
Charlotte Mason's Elementary Geography (Queen HS)
Galloping the Globe
(one country and a missionary per week... longer, if needed)

(15yrs/12th grade)
Exploring Government (Notgrass)

living math (trips to store, kitchen work, etc...)

miscellaneous workbooks (casually)
living books (M&M Math; Equal Shmequal; A Place for Zero, etc..)

(10yrs/5th grade)
Teaching Textbooks 5 (Teaching Textbooks)
Multiplication: Classical Math to Classical Music

(15yrs/12th grade)
Economics and Activities (BJU)
Economics in One Lesson (Henry Hazlitt)

classical music listening and discussion
hymn singing and discussion
living books on composers/artists

casual piano playing and exposure
children's church choir
picture studies

casual violin playing, practice, and exposure
children's church choir
picture studies

(10yrs/5th grade)
piano lessons and practice
children's church choir
picture studies

daily piano, violin, guitar, banjo playing and progression
piano teaching
church singing and orchestra

Life skills (ongoing list)
Handicrafts (ongoing list)

If you'd like to participate in sharing,
please leave a link to your Learning Logistics post
in the Mr. Linky below:


Valerie said...

Christina! You are so organized and creative! I have to have everything spelled out for me. I wish I could relax more! :) I got some great ideas for resources from this list. Thank you for posting it.:)

PlainJane said...

Great post my friend. I'll join too - just give me a couple of days. Thanks for popping in - have a blessed weekend.

Susan said...

Just give me a couple of days as well. I have to get my list together and get Brittany to help me with posting your graphic, etc.
I am so slow at learning how. :)

Have a wonderful day tomorrow in the Lord,


JEANNIE said...

I agree you have a wonderful curriculum schedule going on here....

Valerie said...

I finally joined! :)

Lori said...

Just wanted to let you know, that I finally got mine posted. Thanks for all the inspiration.



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