Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tea Time With Friends...

Yesterday the younger children enjoyed having tea time together.
They grabbed a linen tablecloth, spread it on the floor,
and prepared the miniature cups and saucers
as the cheese was sliced and the variety of teas were made.
What a delight it was for them to share this time together...

"What better way to suggest friendliness - and to create it -
than with a cup of tea?" ~ J. Grayson Luttrell


Dell said...

What a beautiful afternoon! We've not done tea as regularily as we'd like, and you just inspired me! I think it is the perfect thing for this afternoon!

HsKubes said...

Dell ~ Thank you. Our children love to have tea and I, too, don't do it as regularly as I'd like to but we sure do enjoy it when we do it. Hope you had a lovely afternoon!

~ Christina

PlainJane said...

How Sweet! We haven't had friends over this summer at all (like we'd like) but I promised Anna she could have a friend over next week - perhaps we will have tea.

I'm always a little torn about having friends's always fun, but we certainly stay healthier when other's germs aren't coming to visit.

HsKubes said...

Jane ~ Hope you're able to enjoy some tea time next week.
I know what you mean about the germs but I figure it helps build our immune system. ;o) We, generally, have the same family of friends over but we like, too, to have others over. ;o)

~ Christina


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