Friday, April 24, 2009

Sharing Sewing Patterns...

Recently, someone asked if I could share
what patterns I use for my dresses.
I thought I would list them in a post.

One of the patterns that I use often is for a regency gown.
It is not a very difficult pattern
but is a little more challenging than others.
I have adapted it by using a zipper
instead of the buttons in the back,
which works well for me.
I have, also, used the sleeves of this dress
and attached them to a different bodice.
I do love the look of this dress, though,
especially, with the higher neck line.
For this dress, I use
Sense & Sensibility's regency gown pattern.

Another dress I enjoy is a collar dress.
This one is fairly easy and has a zipper back.
The pattern, also, includes darts,
which I have skipped in the past
but are a lovely addition.
For this dress, I use
Common Sense's Women's Lace Collar Dress

Another dress that I like but have only made once
is a historical civil war-type costume dress.
This one has darts in the front and back,
a zipper closure, 3/4 length sleeves,
and a very poofy skirt.
Making this one, again, I will likely
use a different skirt since I do not
wear a hoop skirt under my dresses. ;o)
But I do like the pattern and it is not too hard.
For this dress, I use Butterick's B3992.
It seems to be out-of-print
but I'm sure there are other similar patterns.

My final (and I would have to say favorite to use) pattern
would be the square neck dress.
This pattern is the easiest pattern we have.
It has no zipper, it just slips over the head.
It does have darts but I have not used them.
We do enjoy adding the tie occasionally
and sometimes I like to use a six-panel skirt.
But the skirt that comes with it is a good one, too,
just a simple two panel.
It, also, is great with pockets.
For this dress, I use
Common Sense's Women's Square Neck Dress

Sewing has been such a blessing for our family.
I didn't always know how to sew.
As a matter of fact, I didn't learn to sew
until about 8 years ago, before our lil' girls were born.
I took an evening class at a local sewing supplies store
to learn some basics...
the rest has been trial and error. ;o)
It has been worth every effort, though,
as I am able to provide modest clothing, more inexpensively,
for my family, which, I believe, honors the Lord.

I hope this list of patterns is helpful
and will be a blessing to someone.

"She seeketh wool, and flax,
and worketh willingly with her hands."
~ Proverbs 31:13

"She layeth her hands to the spindle,
and her hands hold the distaff."
~ Proverbs 31:19


Madeleine said...

How cool!

I may start sewing again for our little one.

And for me!!!

Anonymous said...

I like common sense patterns. Very nice and one of the few I can get in my size.

Tina said...

Thanks for the pattern ideas. I'll be sure to share them with my oldest daughter who loves to sew and has far surpassed my limited sewing knowledge.
Also, it sure was encouraging to hear that you just began sewing 8 years ago. I'd love to begin sewing but have such a hard time (have to do it wrong at least 2 times to figure out what I was supposed to do) :) that I procrastinate and never really begin.
Thanks again. I love your blog.
In His love,

MrsMelody said...

Thank you for sharing the patterns you use. I am encouraged to hear that you are not a "lifelong sewer" either. It encourages me to try to learn. :)

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for sharing this. I've sewn off and on for the past 10 years, but like you, didn't really take it on seriously until I became pregnant with my first child. I couldn't find any maternity skirts or dresses that were long.

In a day where modesty is seldom seen, it's nearly impossible to find a store bought dress that covers an adult properly. As my little girl is now two I'm of the firm opinion that it is impossible to find modest girl clothes for play at a retailer.

Elizabeth said...

Since we're on the subject of sewing...

If you had to estimate, how many dresses do your little ones actually need? For play, I mean. I've been pretty blessed with good hand-me-downs for church clothes, but play clothes are still scarce. I'm trying to decide how many play clothes my Lydia will long as I don't let "Mt. Washmore" get too out of hand. :-P

PlainJane said...

You didn't learn how to sew until 8 years ago? You could have fooled me, I thought you were a life-long seamstress. Your creations are beautiful!!! You mean there is hope for me? lol I bought Amber the Sense & Sensibility Edwardian Apron Patten perhaps a year ago and I think she might tackle that this summer and I think all 3 of us girls will have to sew some skirts this summer - the girls have shot up so much taller this past year, but remain very thin, so it's difficult to find any conservative skirts that fit them and I would like more skirts too. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Christina for this post :-)
I love the patterns. I am wearing a dress today that is very similar to the commonsense square neck one.
bless you,
hugs Sandra nz


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