Saturday, April 18, 2009

Haven at Home Happenings...

It's been a bit of a slow moving week for us here
but it has been an enjoyable one.
The first half of the week was cloudy, rainy, and cool
which contributed to our laid back kind of week.
Also, Daddy has been away
on his annual brother's golf outing,
when he and his brothers spend the week together golfing.
I'm thankful he is able to get away for some
rest, relaxation, and enjoyment.
And I am thankful the Lord teaches me
how to deal with it properly. ;o)
With Daddy being away, we've been a little out-of-sorts, too.
But we still enjoyed our week together.

We spent some of our time learning together,
enjoying our Proverbs studies and other subjects.
The lil' girls and I have been enjoying our new phonics together.
It's always a delight when they enjoy learning!

We, also, spent some time running errands...
picking up new piano books, getting a rug for the dining room,
mailing my sister her new dress, grocery shopping,
sending out graduation announcements, etc...
We enjoy our time of vanschooling!
We like to listen to classical music, Scripture to music,
Bible stories, our science cd, miscellaneous audio stories,
and preaching/programs on our local
conservative, Christian radio station (which is a real blessing!).
The children enjoy reading books, coloring, playing, talking,
and we enjoying admiring God's creation
and making occasional "fun" pit stops.

Friday was our homeschool park day and the Lord blessed us
with such a beautiful day to be out-of-doors!
The children and I left a little early so we had time
to draw for our nature journals. It was a blessing.
After playing and fellowshipping at the park,
the children and I went out to lunch together,
then enjoyed some dessert afterwards.
It was a delight to spend time eating indoors together,
just visiting with the children, tying heart strings.
Later in the evening, friends visited and stayed
for sourdough pizza and fellowship.
The mom's enjoyed looking through homeschool catalogs,
making plans for the upcoming school year,
and a list of books to buy at the homeschool conference
that will be coming up fairly soon! Oh, such fun! *Ü*
After pizza, Ally and her friend rolled out cookie dough
and worked with the younger children
to cut out their own shapes for cookies.
It was such a blessing to see the older girls
paying such sweet attention to the younger ones.

This morning, Ally was a sweetie and stayed home
with the children so Mama could attend our
ladies breakfast at Cracker Barrel. We had a lovely time.
The children and I look forward to relaxing this afternoon,
preparing for the Lord's Day tomorrow.
It will be Second Coming Sunday at our church tomorrow,
when we focus on the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.
What a day that will be!

I hope y'all have enjoyed your week
and have a blessed Lord's Day tomorrow!

As I close, here are just a few snapshots from our week...

Ally and Will enjoying a Kent Hovind seminar together

Beth and Carolynne enjoying their new phonics books

Making cookies...


Dina said...

What a blessed week you have had, it is always so nice to spend time with our children. I love Carolynne's face while she is pressing her cookie shape. Such a cute face!!

MrsMelody said...

Sounds like a nice week. :) I'm interested in what radio station you listen to? Do they have online streaming? I like to listen to the radio as I work around the house and haven't quite found a radio station I can truly embrace where we are.


Kristy... said...

I love Kent Hovind seminars!~ :P
My FAVORITE is the one where he proves Dinosours still exsist.. I am trying to get my hands on that one and have been for awhile.

as always cute pictures of your kids.. they are SO sweet. I am looking forward to seeing them again soon... *hint hint, come for a visit again :P*

PlainJane said...

Amber was mentioning that Ally, I guess, had a picture posted of you all watching Kent Hovind - we do so love that seminar, we pop popcorn and make a big event out of it. lol Too bad we don't live closer, we could really make it a movie night/day. :)

Oh yes, I remember the brothers' golf event - my how time flies.

Wonderful week! What kind of phonics are the littles doing?



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