Monday, April 20, 2009

Responding to Inquiries...

Over the past
few weeks,
I have had a few

miscellaneous inquiries.
My responding

time has been
limited so I
would like to

respond to a
few of the inquiries
in one post. ;o)

If you have asked a question
and I have not responded here, please forgive me.
Please be assured
that is in unintentional.
Please feel free to ask, again, if necessary.
Thank you for understanding. ;o)

Please note that these are in no particular order.

Mrs. Melody inquired:
I'm interested in what radio station you listen to?
Do they have online streaming?

We listen to
FBN Radio and, yes,
they have online streaming! *Ü*
This station has been a real blessing to us,
as it provides wonderful, non-compromising,
fundamental, biblical preaching and programs
and godly, conservative music.

Kristine inquired:
Where did you guys get that three wheeled bicycle?

We, actually, got
our three wheeled bicycle
from my grandmother some years ago.
However, the children and I have spotted them
in certain "super" stores recently.
You can, also, order
similar ones online. *Ü*

Madeleine and Stacy inquired:
I have been enjoying your from the sofa segments.
Do you make them up yourself,

or do you have a program?
I was wondering what guide you use
or curriculum for your study of countries?

The resource we are using as our spine
in our geographical studies is Galloping the Globe.
It has been a helpful resource.
Though some of the books that are mentioned
in this resource are out-of-print
so I have been adding my own books here and there.
It's been a very enjoyable study for us and
we love focusing on missions as we study geography!

Thank you for the inquiries
and for understanding the busyness of a mama. ;o)
I hope to respond to a few others soon.

Have a wonderful week!


Madeleine said...

Thanks for the info. It may be a soon as this fall that we are going to China.

I may have to do some China sofa-time!!!

MrsMelody said...

Thank you! :)

Elizabeth said...

I <3 FBN!!!! We used to have a station locally that was an FBN affiliate, but they changed their music to a more liberal format a few years ago and they dropped it, even the preaching. Since I live near Pensacola, we get PCC's Rejoice radio and it's good too. I just like FBN a thousand times better. The preaching on FBN is fantastic: Maze Jackson, Lester Roloff, Stinnett Ballew, David Gibbs just to name a few of my faves!


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