Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Regency Reflections...

After a week of sporadic sewing
and getting reacquainted with my seam ripper,
I sewed my last stitch on my recent regency gown.

The fabric is similar to linen (though I'm not sure exactly what it is).
It is a darker shade of blue
with a lighter blue, cotton lining in the skirt.
I decided to forgo the buttons, again,
and go with another zipper in the back,
which is convenient in many ways.

Overall, a pleasant outcome and a delightful experience
(other than the reacquainting I encountered)....


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

That is so beautiful! great job!

Sandra said...

Oh I just love it, it's beautiful and a gorgeous color :)

debhmom3 said...

That is so absolutely beautiful! I love dresses with an empire waist. Looks so lovely and feminine.

Cat said...

Very pretty!

HsKubes said...

Thank you very much, ladies!
My beloved likes it, too, and that, certainly, made it worth sewing. ;o)

~ Christina

Sharon said...

Very pretty. You do nice work.

MrsMelody said...

Very pretty! Great job. :)

I had to smile, my seam ripper and I are the best of friends and the worst of friends at the same time. Bet you understand that. lol


Amy ~ (Life's Small Treasures) said...

You did a great job! Very pretty!

Hope you are having a good week.


HsKubes said...

Ladies, thank you. ;o)

Mrs. Melody ~ Yes, I cannot determine whether seam ripper is friend or foe. ;o)

~ Christina

Mrs. Taft said...

Gorgeous :D It's a beautiful color too!

Nikowa said...

WOW I was just in Wal Mart looking at fabrics (for a scout project) today & saw the patterns for clothing.

I told my DH that I'd like to try learning to sew with a machine.


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