Thursday, December 20, 2007

Our Haven's Happenings...

It seems our happenings here at home
have picked up rather than slowed down lately.
I have decided to set our new schedule aside
for this week and, likely, most of next week
as we are celebrating the Christmas season.
We have spent the week running errands,
baking, visiting, and mailing packages out.
It has been a good busy.
Over the weekend, Ally and I were able
to finish our family dvd
(an annual tradition we began last year).
We were glad to get it finished
and send it off to family, along with some baked goods.
We, also, enjoyed watching it together as a family,
as we watched and reminised about this past year.
I'll be a blubbering, tissue-using mess
when the children are all grown and gone
and I sit to watch these dvds...
I already get teary eyed watching them.
Family/children are so precious!

This past Sunday evening, our church had its
"All Church Christmas Program".
Since we are a smaller sized church,
pastor decided to include all of us

in a cantata-type service.
It was a joy to sing together,
listen to the narration, and the special music.

Beth and Carolynne watching Pastor
pick at his guitar before the service.

Will and one of the pastor's sons
at the piano before the service.

Ally and Pastor practicing their duet.

Here is a video of their violin/guitar duet...

It was a blessing to see Ally serving the Lord this way.
I'm proud of her and how she has been practicing diligently
in teaching herself how to play the past three months.

Also, on Sunday evening the children's choir sang.
It is a blessing, too, to see
the young children singing for the Lord...

I hope y'all are enjoying your week.
I really do hope to respond to comments and emails soon.
Thank you so much for understanding. ;o)

Before I go, here are a few shots of the girls
being a bit silly this week...





Mrs. T said...

Thank you for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

Glad y'all are doing good! What a blessing Ally is to her Mom! WoW!! She taught herself how to play violin!! She did an amazing job!!! :o)

Anonymous said...

Above comment is little 'ole me!
TamaraP. North Carolina.

Kristy Jo said...

what a great time!
My daughter just ran over and watched ally in awe she is 4 and wants to play violin SO BADLY... she picks it out of any song she hears it in and says "when I play violin" its cute... We should really get her started on that ....
anyways the children singing was so sweet too!!!!!
We were supposed to have our program Last sunday as well, BUT alas we were snowed in.... and we didnt have it... this Sunday tho, Lord willing... what a blessing!

Anonymous said...

So wonderful to hear Ally using her gifts for the Lord - what a blessing she must be to you and your husband - as well as the other children. It sounds like you have a real nice church too! Our girls play violin, Amber has been taking lessons for 7 years and loves it; Anna recently quit violin - just playing for mostly her own enjoyment - but wants to take up classical (worship) guitar - as soon as I buy one :). Have a blessed weekend (I hope to check in again before Christmas to wish you a good one).
Blessings & Hugs,

Ron and Ginny said...

Ally is doing really well on her fiddle. I am impressed. The children did well, too. Thanks for sharing. :-D

HsKubes said...

Mrs. T ~ You're very welcome. ;o)

Tamara ~ Thank you. It has been a blessing to see Ally teaching herself and using her gift for the Lord.
I hope y'all are doing well. It's always good to hear from you. ;o)

Kristy Jo ~ How wonderful that your daughter loves the violin so much. Our Beth does, too. As a matter of fact, we just ordered her a little violin and we hope to begin teaching her soon. ;o)
I pray y'all are able to have your program this Sunday and hope y'all are enjoying the snow. We sure would love some. ;o)

PlainJane ~ Thank you. Yes, Ally (and our other three) are such a blessing. ;o) We do love to hear music filling our home, too. ;o)
Yes, the Lord has really blessed us with a wonderful church! We are so thankful He led us here.
How wonderful that your girls love music. It is always a blessing when our chlildren have songs in their hearts that they love to sing/play for the Lord. ;o)
I hope you enjoy your weekend, too, and have a blessed Christmas.

Ginny ~ Thank you. She is really enjoying playing and loves to practice A LOT throughout the day. We are loving it. And it always blesses my heart to hear the children sing. ;o)

Hope y'all enjoy your weekend ~

Grafted Branch @ Restoring the Years said...

I'm so impressed by Ally's determination in all areas--and this evening, in her desire to master the violin. I know we briefly discussed lessons, and they are very costly, but it occurs to me to let you know that there are some pretty good violin tutorials on YouTube. I have in the past, carefully looked them up and bookmarked them for my Fifi so that she could watch things like vibrato and proper hand postition.

I thought Ally sounded really great, but I do know (and trust that you don't mind me saying) that if she can straighten her left wrist under the finger board, she will be in a better place to incorporate some vibrato when the time is right.

I'm sure she is a blessing as she fills the house with musical praise!


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