Friday, October 30, 2009

Haven at Home Happenings... Sharing Snapshots...

We've arrived at the end of another week!
The days sometimes seem to go by so quickly.
This week was a busy week for us
and we spent much of our time vanschooling
due to the many errands we encountered.
But we enjoy our vanschooling moments, too. ;o)

Monday we took a trip to some nearby woods
as I worked on a custom order for my etsy shop.
It was a cool, crisp, autumn day
and it was such a delight to be out in it!

Following the foam we saw at the bottom of a hill

The foam was from the river
and the children enjoyed examining it.

Though it was a beautiful view, we thought it best
not to stay too long due to the sign that warned
about the American Alligators that like to dwell there.
Then we were content to go back up the hill...
In fact, we were content to get back in the van
and drive to look at the wonderful sights. ;o)

Here are a few we enjoyed...

{click to view larger}

Later we enjoyed the pleasures of home...

On Tuesday, we traveled to
the endocrinologist's office for Ally's appointment.
We always enjoy the documentary videos of
the different places that they show in the waiting room.
What a beautiful place Hawaii is!
We are rejoicing that Ally's thyroid and vitamin D levels
came back normal and she no longer needs to take
medication for those two things! Praise the Lord!

Wednesday was spent at home.
We worked together doing some deeper cleaning,
enjoyed learning together, and Ally and I made
a few plans for upcoming activities, and, in the evening,
we went to churchfor our prayer and service.
It was a wonderful sermon, too.
The Lord knew just what I needed!
I just love how He does that!

Also on Wednesday, Ally's first item sold at her etsy shop.
It was a doily she made last week...

Hmmm.... I kinda like the way it looks on my table.
Maybe I'll need to get one of those, too. ;o)

On Thursday, Will and I went grocery shopping
and enjoyed a little treat together afterwards.
Then in the afternoon we went to Beth's violin lesson.
While at violin, Ally began showing me how to crochet.
I can see how it can be addicting once you catch on!

Later in the day, we once again enjoyed
the comforts of being at home...

Coloring together

Playing outside and being silly

Will helped me by peeling two large bags of carrots!
He enjoys peeling them.
I cut one bag into sticks for eating
and the other I left whole for juicing.
It's so much easier to use them when
they are already cut up!

This was later in the evening,
after the younger ones had gone to bed,
and Ally was making us a cup of tea!
What a joy it is to enjoy tea time together in the evening!

That is all for photos this week, aside from sharing
a couple of illustrations the children did...

For our Bible reading, we are in the book of John {KJB}.
One of the chapters we read was about when Jesus
spit on the ground to make clay and used it
to heal a man that had been blind from birth.

In History, we are in Judges and one of the stories we read
was about how God called Gideon to help the Israelites
and how Gideon asked God to show him a sign
using a fleece that Gideon had.
What a longsuffering and powerful God we serve!

Today is sourdough pizza night at our home.
We look forward to spending it together as a family.
This weekend will be a busy one as we have a fellowship
tomorrow evening at church and then on Sunday
our church will be celebrating it's 10th Anniversary.
We will be having a shrimp feast and fish fry afterwards.
We look forward to all of it.
What a blessing sweet fellowship is!

Hope you enjoy your weekend, too!


Elizabeth said...

Looking at the coloring picture, I love the mound of crayons in the midst of the children. Cute, cute!

Heather said...

So relaxing :)

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

A lovely post as always. What a beautiful doily! Crocheting is so relaxing!

PlainJane said...

I love the photo of your children all lined up at the beach. Yes, alligators would make me content to go back to the van too :). Oh, and what a pretty doily. I didn't know Ally did doilies. I have this thing about doilies. When I was a young girl and my grandma passed away, I was promised all her doilies. My mom put the box of them on the auction to draw cutomers but promised she would outbid everyone so I'd still have them...well, she ended up having to pay $70 for them. hahaha. And back then, $70 was a lot of money. She was sorry she did that, but I still have the doilies all over the house. A wonderful skill to have! I'm glad to hear Ally is doing better too. That's a nice picture of her making tea.

And wow, your church has a shrimp feast? That's pretty nice. Around here shrimp are very expensive. My family loves them but only gets them rarely at a restaurant.

Have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love all your pictures. It's lovely to see what your family are up to.
I do love the colour of your son's hair. such a lovely auburn. Not a common colour here.
Congrautlations to your daughter on her success on her first item on Etsy. Hope she makes great sales.
Just wondering while I am here if you got my email to you?? I sent it to your yahoo address?
bless you,
Sandra nz

HsKubes said...

Elizabeth ~ I loved how they had the mound of crayons, too. ;o)

Heather ~ Praise the Lord! So glad you could stop by. ;o)

Michelle ~ Thank you. Ally finds crocheting relaxing, too. I look forward to learning.

Jane ~ I loved seeing them lined up at the shoreline, too, and, yes, the sign about alligators was certainly enough for us. ;o)
Love your doily story. Your poor mama. But what a blessing that she was able to get them back! I'm sure you'll treasure them a long time to come.

This was our church's first year to have the shrimp feast and fish fry. It was wonderful! I'm not sure what the going rate for shrimp is around here but I know that many people take their nets out and just catch them. My husband has done it before but just doesn't like to eat it. ;o)

Sandra ~ Thank you. I just love the color of Will's hair, too. ;o)
I am hoping Ally does well with her shop, too. Thank you.
I did get your email. I look forward to putting something in the mail for you tomorrow. ;o) Thanks, again.

~ Christina


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