Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Night of Encouragement...

Last night, we had the opportunity
to attend an evening conference with
the Maxwell Family of Titus2.com.

I have been blessed, for a few years now,
by their book ministry and their message board
(when they used to have one)
and it was a special blessing to meet them,
listen to their sessions, and, especially, share
fellowship with some of them afterwards,
until the doors of the church were closed.
It made for a late night but it was a delight!

I (and the lil' girls) enjoyed Teri's session
on being managers of our homes (and chores).
I purchased her book many years ago
but it was a blessing to have many reminders
on not just the how to apply a schedule/routine
but why we should be doing it.

My beloved attended Steve's session regarding
family Bible time, which blessed me.

Ally attended Sarah's session about
experiencing the joy of young womanhood
and Will attended Christopher's session about
a young man's potential for success or failure.

During the second session, my beloved and I
(with the lil' girls) enjoyed Steve and Teri's
Keeping Our Children's Hearts.
What a blessing that was!

Ally and Will attended Christopher's session
about evangelizing effectively.

Then we were blessed with some special
bluegrass gospel music by the Maxwell's.

And as an added bonus, we were able to
purchase Sarah's new book in the Moody series!
(And Will has already finished it!)

It was a night of blessing and encouragement!

Here is a video that Ally took with her camera
of the Maxwell's singing "I'll Fly Away".
(which inspired me to begin playing the banjo today!)


Madeleine said...

I LOVE the Maxwells!!

They have been a blessing to our family also. I am so excited they will be the lead speakers at our state's homeschool convention next May! I can't wait.

So glad you have a wonderful time of refreshment in HIM.

Susan said...

I used to go their MOMs board too! I do enjoy their monthly newsletters, but I don't follow them as closely anymore. How neat that you got to meet them!

HsKubes said...

Madeleine ~ How exciting to have them coming your way. I'm sure you will be blessed.

Susan ~ I remember you on their MOMs board. ;o)

~ Christina

Beth said...

You have NO idea how blessed I was this morning to read your blog and find the Maxwells! I have followed them a few years, kept their family in my prayers and exchanged a personal note with Mrs. Maxwell and Sarah but I have never been able to see or meet them! I have asked them if they were ever going to put out a cd since I haven't heard them but thanks to you, I have!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!
Blessings, Beth

PlainJane said...

Thanks for posting about the conference Christina and for the video Ally, I LOVE the Maxwells and hope they come again to MN soon. I didn't know Sarah had another Moody book out, I will have to order it pronto - we love those books! Wish I had been there. Glad you had a blessed time.


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