Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sharing Snapshots...

From this week at our Haven at Home...

Ally's gift from the doctor's office
when we took her in for a sore throat.

Beth playing at her violin lesson

While we waited...

Carolynne played with Mama's calculator (lol)

Will enjoyed reading a living book for history
(the 2nd time through)

Ally worked on a crochet project

We closed our week with a meeting at the park

with our homeschool group...

Enjoying the swings

Playing a game of dominos

Enjoying fellowship

Exploring and enjoying God's creation

Holding a fuzzy caterpillar

Climbing trees

After our time at the park and back at home,

we enjoyed fellowship and sourdough pizza.
Many of the children were interested in the pogo stick
that we dug up out of the garage...
but we were all entertained to watch Ally do it...


I hope you enjoyed your week, too.
I look foward to being in the Lord's house tomorrow.
What a spiritual oasis in this dry and thirsty land!


~Bren~ said...

Wonderful pictures Christina!
Which pattern for a little girls dress would suggest for a mama who has never even put a zipper in or created a button hole? I am so needing to make some dresses/skirts for my daughter. I can find nothing that is modest enough and the Lilies of the Field dresses I bought are getting too small. I can not afford to buy more, so I need to learn to sew for her out of necessity. Is there a specific pattern that would be a good one to start with?

PlainJane said...

Fun Fotos! I hope Ally didn't have strep - pogo with l0og skirts is rather challanging, isn't it. :)


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