Monday, October 26, 2009

Recent Projects... Of Ducks and Quilts...

Last week our eldest and I were preparing
for a baby shower for our assistant pastor's wife
(and dear friend and sister-in-Christ of ours)
and we enjoyed working on some new projects.

Ally had a lot of fun making the cake for the shower...

The ducks are candles we found.

Among the food we brought along were
these baby foot sandwiches...

To go along with the duck theme,
I made my first diaper cake...

Diaper cake beginnings: rolling and securing the diapers

I made two receiving blankets by finishing the edges
of some flannel-like duck print fabric
and wrapped (frosted) the diaper cake with them,
securing them with straight pins and a rubber band.

Then I added a little fluff to the top of the "cake",
some curled ribbon, tied it with a bow,
and asked Ally to crochet this little
duck toy for a topper, and viola'...

A diaper duck cake (part gift, part decor)

As a gift to the mama-to-be, I sewed my first quilt.
Her mother-in-law (the baby's gramma & our pastor's wife)
gave me a box of fabric that belonged to her
mother-in-law (the baby's great-grandma, now with the LORD)
and in that box were some squares that had
already been cut out and looked as if they were
intended to use for a quilt.
So I finished where the baby's great-grandma started
and put the squares together as a quilt...

And in one corner, I embroidered my initials...

And in the other corner,
the baby's great-grandma's initials...

It was a lot of fun working on these projects
and I discovered that I love the idea of quilting
and look forward to, one day, being able to quilt more!

"She... worketh willingly with her hands."
~ Proverbs 31:13b


Lisa said...

You guys are so crafty! great job on the baby shower!

Alli said...

The creations that you and Ally made are very cute!

I especially love the "diaper cake". And Ally did really good at making the duck themed cake. I like the idea of the ducks being candles. At first, I thought they were little peep candies. :P

Also, the baby feet sandwiches are CUTE! I hope you girls had a great time at the baby shower.


Kristy... said...

I LOve the diaper cake.. what a cute idea with the duck. I have made one recently *a diaper cake* they are such fun, I will be making them for all my future showers..
the foot sandwhiches are ADORABLE
and Ill bet she cried when she saw that quilt, I would have :)

Ava Kinsey said...

I LOVE your baby shower projects!!

Where did you get the cookie cutter for the baby foot sandwiches? What kind of sandwiches were they?


Marci said...

Ally did a wonderful job on the cake. I think the sandwiches are my favorites. I have never seen a cookie cutter in that shape. I would love to have one. Your cake was darling as well. What a neat thing with the quilt. Fabric from Great Grandma!!! Great job ladies.

~Bren~ said...

What a talented family you are!!!! All your projects were beautiful. Quilting can become very addictive!!! Be careful!

A Gracious Home said...

Everything is so beautiful. I love the little feet cookies. Doylene

Gae said...

I have just found your very lovely blog. I am enjoying reading your posts.
This is so creative and original.
Where did you get the beautiful Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord button. I would love to have one like it as That is one of my most favourite scrpture verses especailly as we have 11 children.
God Bless

PlainJane said...

Ally always amazes me with her cake decorating skills. I have this thing about baby duckies, sooo cute! And the diaper cake is so cute too - I'm sure it was a shower to remember. And the quilt!!! The story behind the fabic brought tears to my eyes - what a keepsake. I'm sure they will cherish that forever. You are so thoughful Christina - what a blessing to the mama-to-be.

Amy said...

These are great ideas! I had a baby last summer and someone made me a receiving blanket out of the same duck material. I love it! What a fun shower. Love your family.

Karen said...

Everything looks so pretty! It sounds like it was a very fun shower. And I really like your ideas. Karen

Sherry said...

What a beautiful shower! The cake, diaper cake, and quilt are absolutely adorable!!

HsKubes said...

Lisa ~ Thanks, Sis. ;o)

Alli ~ Thank you. lol Peep candies would've been an interesting idea. ;o)

Kristy ~ I just love the idea of the diaper cake, too, and look forward to doing one again.

Ava ~ Thank you. I don't remember exactly where I got the foot cookie cutter. It came in a box of many cookie cutters. I believe I may have found it at W*l-m*rt some time ago. These sandwiches were turkey and muenster cheese with mayo. I also made cucumber sandwiches that were cut in small circles.

Marci ~ Thank you. ;o)

Bren ~ I can certainly see how quilting can be addictive. Most of my sewing time is for dresses but I do look forward to when I'm able to do more quilting. ;o)

Doylene ~ Thank you. When I was spreading the mayo on the sandwiches I felt like I was painting toe nails. lol ;o)

Gae ~ So glad the Lord led you our way! The graphic button was found at I enjoyed hearing from you!

Jane ~ Thank you. ;o) What a blessing it is to be a blessing! Her shower went very well. There was such love and thoughtfulness among everyone!

Amy ~ I was so thrilled to find that duck fabric! Thank you so much for visiting. *Ü*

Karen ~ Thank you. The shower was a lot of fun!

Sherry ~ Thank you very much. ;o)

~ Christina

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blessings through such special handiwork!


Sheri said...

So cute! I need a foot cookie cutter! =)

Madeleine said...

Oh the cake looks fantastic!

And the quilt is more precious then an *ordinary* quilt!

Good job!!

HOPE said...

Very cute cake! Some of my same projects in the past so I enjoyed viewing these pics.

I made a fun diaper cake once and found the cutest foamie stickers for the front..and added plastic diaper pins..etc.

The quilt looks so soft and I love the ribbon you used to tie..very cute!

Nice work with a willing heart of love..the best!

God bless..
HOPE (you might be interested in visiting my daughters blog Diary of An Army Wife (on my blog list profile) I think you would enjoy it.


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