Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Be Proud of Your Calling...

I came across this poem
at Jasmine's Far Above Rubies blog.
It was a blessing to me to read
and I wanted to pass it along...

Dear mother in the home, beloved of the Lord,
Your power as a mother, it cannot be ignored,
You are the heart and the Queen of your home,
Making it a haven so your children will not roam.

As you nuture and teach your children each day,
Discipline, train, and watch over their play,
May your heart fill with joy and overflow with love
That God gave you these "gifts" from heaven above.

Each dear child is a "blessing" from the Lord,
No longer will you ever have time to be bored!
You have the greatest career in all of the land
As you teach your children to heed God's command.

Lift up your head; be proud of your calling,
It is work for eternity - totally enthralling!
Oh yes, I know you often feel tired and worn,
But claim God's promise, His truth He has sworn.

May God bless you and strengthen you each new morn,
May you know His faithfulness with each new dawn,
May God's presence be with you in a mighty measure
As you train your 'arrows' for God's purpose and pleasure.

written by Nancy Campbell

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful poem! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!



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