Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Visiting the Civil War...

This past Saturday, we went on a family field trip
to a fort that was a big part of our Civil War.
Daddy had visited there a few months ago for work
and was eager to take all of us!
And we were excited to go,
especially our history-loving son! ;o)

Below are snapshots (and lots of them!) from our visit...

Outside the museum...

Inside the museum...

What a cannonball!

Watching and listening to the presentation on the map,
telling the story of what happened,
where the ships were positioned, etc...

Looking at a display dipicting positioning of the soldiers.

Looking at the uniforms ;o)

Union Uniform

Confederate Uniform

A rare Confederate printing of The Adventures of Philip
(I love old books!)

Then out-of-doors to explore the historic site...

After listening to Daddy explain
about why and how the hills were there,
(the Confederates built them to aid in land combat)
Will enjoyed reading about them, too.

Daddy the tour guide and his faithful listeners. ;o)

One of the MANY little crabs we saw in the marsh...

A section that was built under the hills...

Up one of the hills to see the cannon (and the view)...

It was a beautiful view of the land, marsh, and water!

Walking and enjoying more of the site...

Enjoying the marsh view

Stopped for a snapshot at this neat tree!

Mama and Daddy, too!

The children, also, participated in the museum's program
by doing a certain amount of activities
to earn a certificate and badge.

Ally and I helped the lil' girls

and Daddy and Will worked together...

We, also, picked up two bonnets, a Confederate cap,
and a Union cap from the museum store,
which the children really enjoyed!

On the way home, Daddy stopped near his work
to show the children the obstacle course
that he'll be doing this month...

Then they raced back to the van and we headed home. ;o)

It was a wonderful day!
Daddy even treated us to Zaxby's for supper!
A rare treat! Mmm!
We enjoyed learning more about our country
and just loved having Daddy tell us all about it!
It was a great way to spend a Saturday! *Ü*


KT said...

Awesome! I dream one day I will get to come out and see the sites of the Civil War on the East Coast..I have seen most of the Missouri sites.

Lisa said...

I just Love the pics! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time! I like the picture of you two in the tree!:)

rolicreps said...

Looks like ya'll had a great time! The pictures are great :o)

Anonymous said...

Love the pic's,I know the kids love field trips..Will will always remember his history..
good pic of you and Bill and Ally tooo..


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