Thursday, September 3, 2009

Haven at Home Happenings...

(photo intense*Ü*)

It's been another full week in our haven at home.

We've enjoyed the pleasures of homeschooling
and of life, in general.
This was our first "official" week of the new school year,
though we have been wrapping up last year's
history/Bible (finished today!).
I can't express enough how we love to illustrate
what we are reading/learning in the Bible!
I was punching holes in some of their older illustrations
to put them in their 3-ring binders and enjoyed so much
looking over their creative illustrations! What a joy!

Our new schedule has not been implemented
as faithfully as I would like,
which is mostly my own fault
(I need to get to bed on time!)
but, also, due to other events.
I know this will be an ongoing process
which is okay... I'm willing to make it work for us.
But we have been trying to be regular
in accomplishing most of our morning routine,
even if it doesn't start until the afternoon. lol

That being said, below are some
snapshots from our week...

Bible/History time at the dining room table

During one of the children's breaks out-of-doors,
they discovered a toad that had wedged itself
into a real 'pickle'...

... so Ally came to its rescue...

We decided it was highly unlikely that this
was her Prince Charming,
therefore it was best NOT to kiss the toad!

Meanwhile, the younger ones took Suzie for a run...

Playing games at the table together...

Ally helping Will with a science experiment...

This week we have been blessed

with such wonderful autumn-like weather...
so we just couldn't resist taking a trip to the ocean... ;o)

We saw this when we first showed up...

an amphibious landing!

The younger ones couldn't wait to get their feet wet
(well, it ended up being much more than their feet)...

Ally and I combed the beach a little
while the younger ones wet their toes.
The recent hurricane washed up some debri
and we enjoyed looking through it...

What a find... a chewed up crab! eww!
But fascinating. ;o)

... a few beach finds (can click to enlarge)

After the "wetting of toes",
the children enjoyed playing in the sand...

... ALL of the children...

left to right: Fish Out of Water; Let Sleeping Frogs Lie; Not As Big As I Think I Am
(corny runs in the family)

Sea Oats singing under a cloudy sky...

They really do sing... It was a beautiful sound,
listening as the wind blew, swaying them back and forth.

Some feathered friends we saw...

looking for lunch

What a joy it was to sit a while and enjoy God's creation!

"Many, O LORD my God,
are thy wonderful works which thou hast done,
and thy thoughts which are to us-ward:
they cannot be reckoned up in order unto thee:
if I would declare and speak of them,
they are more than can be numbered." ~ Psalm 40:5

"Which doeth great things and unsearchable;
marvellous things without number:" ~ Job 5:9


KT said...

The beach looks awesome this time of year...I would love to visit the ocean sometime. Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

We have just had a day at the coast as well, much enjoyed. I might start a illistrated bible lesson with my kids as they love to draw. How long would you spend on the Lesson each day.?


PlainJane said...

I had to laugh at the photo of Ally playing in the sand with the tiny shovel. Love the beach photos and look at all the shells on the beach - I love looking for shells! Your autumn is certainly different from ours -- you go to the beach and run barefoot in the ocean and we shut windows and put on another sweater with warm fuzzy socks on.

Yes, I was thinking that perhaps if you could just email me with a copy of your lyrics that you placed on your blog since I think it is copyright protected I can't copy it. And yep, I did get well deprogrammed today with searching for the song on the web and listening to others sing it as well. :) I also found a couple of nice sights that just have piano hymns or congregational singing that we will use for our hymn sing time in school. It was an enjoyable surfing morning.

Nikki said...

How lovely it must be to live near the ocean. The children looked like they had a blast.

Marci said...

I love to explore the beach after a big storm. You find all sorts of neat things. One time after a hurricane (in Florida) we found all sorts of bones on the beach and other weird things. A man walking around told us he was a marine biologist. He was showing us things that had to come from the bottom way out where it was deep. He said the sea was really churned up with that storm.

Ally looks so chilly compared to the rest of you. :)

Anonymous said...

You have me dreaming of a visit to the beach :) Your week looks so enjoyable and peaceful.

My daughters probably would have screeched at the thought of touching a frog...hehe! Actually, I have a few that would have wanted to make it a castle outside and keep it as a pet.

BTW, I just love your tablecloth. Did you crochet it?

May the Lord fill your every minute this holiday weekend.

Paulina said...

Hello! I just found your blog and am thankful that I did. Although I am an unmarried young woman, I already know that if the Lord blesses me with a husband and children, I will be homeschooling them. My parents did not homeschool my sisters and I, so I have no experience whatsoever with how to homeschool. But I'm glad I found your blog because it looks like you have great resources on it! I think I might order one of the homeschooling books you have one the sidebar.

In Him,

Theresa's Notes said...

New and Private Blog/A Note From Theresa

I've had a person coming over to my blog and take what I said and posted it on her blog and said nothing but ugly things about it. And say ugly things about the people I love.

I don't want this person doing this again so I am making a new blog with a private invite to it.

please send me emails so I can invite you in. Thank you, to all my good friends. send me your name and email address to my email. Thank you

P.S this blog will not be used any more and deleted soon.

Time is running out, This blog will be deleted Monday Morning, so please send me an email if you want to follow my private blog.

Alesha said...

I love, love, LOVE the pic for "Not as big as I think I am"!!!

That would make a great poster for all of us! : )


Anonymous said...

Wow..What a treat..I love all the pic's..enjoy the beach while you can..Love your hair it "The Ejoyment Do" your looking good ..Love the prince charming are one busy "mama"and I know you Love it!!
I got the new CD and it works'''Love it alot..We shall talk soon
Love Ya's

Elizabeth said...

I know Will loved the amphibious vehicle. That really was neat. :-)

HsKubes said...

Kayla ~ The beach is a lovely place to visit during the cooler temps. If you're ever nearby, give us a call. ;o)

Elizabeth ~ It only takes us about 15 minutes to read a chapter or story from the Bible. Then the children spend about 15 minutes illustrating. Hope that helps. ;o)

Jane ~ Ally made me laugh, too, playing in the sand with the shovel like that. ;o) We enjoy looking for shells, too. The hurricane had washed more up and we were glad!
I will email you the lyrics soon. ;o) We love learning hymns!

Nikki ~ Yes, it has been a real blessing to live near the ocean. We are very thankful. The children (and Mama) really enjoyed themselves. ;o)

Marci ~ Yes, you can find all sorts of neat things after a storm! We found a few things, too, that were so rusted/eroded that we knew they had to have been in there for quite some time. And the piece of coral we found (pictured above) was really neat!

Mrs. Cuddles ~ You, too, are always welcome to visit if you ever come to the East coast. ;o)
lol My girls were like that at first but somehow our eldest overcame that and loves catching toads!
I did not crochet the tablecloth. I found it at a thrift store and fell in love with it!

Paulina ~ I'm glad the Lord led you to my blog. Your words were a real encouragement. Thank you! I think it's wonderful that you hope/plan to homeschool one day!

Theresa ~ Sorry to hear of your bloggie troubles. Thank you for the invite. ;o)

Alesha ~ lol Thank you!

Mama ~ Glad you were able to see the pics! Wish you could be here to enjoy the beach with us! lol I'm glad the hairdo pleases you. ;o) The wind was my hair stylist. lol
I'm SO glad you are enjoying the cd Ally and I made. I hope the songs are an encouragement to your heart. Love you, Mama!

Elizabeth ~ Yes, Will loved the amphibious vehicle. We ALL did! It was great!

~ Christina


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