Thursday, April 3, 2008

Showers of Blessings...

For most of the week, it has been quite rainy here.
With the rain has come 'the yucks'.
I'm not sure what we all have but it's something.
It could surely be worse
but we, also, haven't been 'up to par'.
So much so that we had to miss our midweek service
(that is always such a difficult decision to make).
We sure hope to be on the mend soon. ;o)

Though we've been a little out-of-sorts this week,
we did manage to get out of the house...
a result of the Lord wonderfully answering a prayer!
I just had to share, too.

As a sort of backdrop, let me begin
with the beginning of this past school year.
Ally was taking pre-calculus and advanced chemistry
and for those subjects she needed a scientific calculator,
which cost a little over $100
(which we just didn't have to spend on a calculator).
We prayed about it and the Lord answered
by leading us to call our local school
and asking them if we could borrow one for the year.
At first the lady said that they don't even allow
the students to take them home
but she would check with the administration.
A week later she had called back
and they said yes! So we have used it all year
and it has been such a blessing!

About a month ago, Ally and I were discussing
this upcoming school year (her 'senior' year!).
She will be taking Advanced Biology
and will need a decent microscope
(averaging in price around $200-$250+).
I told her that we needed to start praying
because the Lord sure answered our prayers
regarding the calculator and the microscope
sure costs more and we would be unable to buy one.
Well... I received an email today
from a lady in our homeschool group,
who got it from someone else, etc...
stating that our local community college
upgraded some of their items
and were selling their old ones.
Guess what one of the items were???
Yep! A microscope.
Microscopes that they used in college biology class.
The biology teached had valued them over $200
and they were selling them for $30!
We were SO tickled! The Lord had answered our prayer.
Isn't it so wonderful how He cares
about those "little things", too?!
What a blessing it is to have a Heavenly Father
that is thrilled to provide things for us like that!

Here is the microscope that He provided...

And here a few things He blessed us with, too...

a desk and chair for $5

a rolling/swivel chair for $5

I am so thankful that He allows us
to see how He answers our prayers!
We surely serve a Wonderful God.

"The LORD hath been mindful of us: he will bless us..."
~ Psalm 115:12

"...for your heavenly Father knoweth
that ye have need of all these things."
~ Matthew 6:32


Rebekah said...

We did miss you last night. I hope you all get better soon!

It's great to see how the Lord takes care of our needs. I'm sure Ally will get much use out of it.

I'm praying for you all to get better (so I don't have to play alone on Sunday ;-) )

Pam said...

He loves you! Rejoicing with you and feeling very *happy*! Get well soon.

Amy ~ (Life's Small Treasures) said...

Praying your family is feeling better soon.

How wonderful about the microscope and the other goodies you were able to purchase at such good prices!

Have a wonderful evening

Pam--in Jerusalem said...

I love it when God answers our prayers in such an obvious and blessed way! He is so good to us!!
I hope you start feeling better soon!

Tori said...

Hope all are feeling well soon. What great blessings!

PlainJane said...

I hope you guys (that's northern for "you all") feel better very soon!

Praising God with you about his wonderful blessings to you all!

Madeleine said...

First, I hope yous feel better soon. I know how miserable feeling out of sorts gets.

Second, I am not sure what stunned me more. The joy of being blessed so wonderfully ( though stunned is not a good word for that, more like delighted)

Or the fact that your young daughter is going into her senior year!!


That SOW curriculum is quite interesting, I have never heard of it before. I will have to check it out.

I pray for a beautiful weekend for you!

Mel's Mom said...

Congratulations on the great finds. It is always wonderful to hear someone praise God (regardless the reason) but when it's the "smaller" stuff I find great joy. It seems to be a lost virtue! Thanks for sharing! He IS wonderful, isn't He?

Mrs. C said...

Isn't it neat to see how the Lord supplies our needs above and beyond our expectations when we put our trust in him?! :)

I hope the yuckies leave your home quickly. ;)

Mrs. C

Marci said...

I hope you feel better soon. I think it is wise when people stay home when they have something. Too often they feel they have to go and spread their germs to the entire church family.

I am praising Jehovah Jireh with you. He does provide. Thanks for sharing, because it is an encouragement to the body.

Anonymous said...

Hope you're all feeling better soon!!!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Get well soon everyone!
What a blessing indeed! God is good all the time!

Melody said...

That is a wonderful blessing! Thank you for sharing it with us.

OklahomaSweetPea said...

Praise the Lord Sister, I am sure many of us homeschooling moms can attest this was a blessing strait from the HEAD PRINCIPAl of TRUE EDUCATION...OUR LORD AND SAVIOR... I am just excited for you guys!!


Josh said...

This blog was very nice to read. I'll def. look into this as my kids will soon go to school! I also came across wordsmith on and find it very helpful to expanding ones vocabulary usage. Also, it will prepare them in the future for the SATS and college!

Ginny said...

It is not so amazing that He provides. It is totally amazing that we ask, believing. ;-)

Hope you all are well, soon.

Lisa said...

I am go glad God provided for your needs.nHe never ceases to amaze me in how he provides for our evey need in his time. Have a great weekend. Lisa

Happymama said...

Wow, you were truly blessed indeed! I'm so happy for Ally. Judging from her pictures, she loves chemistry and biology. I'm sure she'll have a ball with her new microscope. She probably already has. LOL

We have a lady in our church that works at a local college and they have these auctions similar to the sale you attended. I'll have to pay more attention to when they have those!!


Martie said...

How wonderful that the Lord provided for you. Such a blessing when He (as He always does) provides our needs.

Interesting that your daughter is going into her senior year - I was thinking that she was around the same age as my daughter (15) Is she graduating early? Mine keeps bugging me to graduate early - but we are still praying about it. Would love your thoughts on this -

Thanks for sharing your blessings,

momofmhasr said...

Praying you are all feling better soon. What great things the lord provides for us. I just got an almost new treadmill.

Nikki said...

Praise the Lord for his provisions. God is good all the time.

Its been raining here too but we are so thankful. Our grass is so green now. I love it.


Sileena said...

That really is a blessing! I especially love it when I've shared something we need to pray for with our kids and the Lord comes through in just the way He does and you can't deny His involvement. It sure does increase their faith!
How wonderful for Ally to see the Lord answer her prayers. He is so faithful and worthy of our praise!


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