Monday, March 15, 2010

Haven at Home Happenings...

I mentioned in my previous post
about watching them grow,
and it seems that there has been
a lot of that going on lately.
This mama has been stopped
in her tracks, afraid to blink,
as she sits and marvels at
how the time has gone by so quickly.
It seems as if each child
has experienced some overnight transformation,
though I know it is not so.
But sometimes so much happens at once
that it's difficult to let it sink in.
It has been bittersweet, to be sure,
but God is giving the grace {HIS grace}
to smile, endure, and enjoy.

A week and a half ago,
on a Wednesday evening,
our youngest, Carolynne,
obeyed the Lord Jesus in baptism.
It was a precious moment...

Last week, our eldest was released from our quiver,
as she began to work outside of our home
to help with her upcoming college tuition.

{Her and Daddy in their uniforms}

The younger ones and I spent the week
adjusting to this new change.
We all missed having Ally home during the day
but we rallied together to make the best of it. ;o)

seatwork together in the dining room

Beth reading aloud to Carolynne about fruit and seeds

Will working on some math practice

Beth taking Ally's place in the kitchen
and preparing lunch for the family

Carolynne improving in her reading skills,
practicing by reading aloud in her new reader books.

Will was entrusted with his first pocket knife
and spent some time outside getting familiar with it...

Ally, after her first full day of working on her feet,...

On Friday, we had a Keepers of the Faith meeting.
We began with a lesson on kindness...

The children enjoyed acting out
an example of kindness from the Bible...
the story of The Good Samaritan.

After our lesson, the children
received instruction about puppetry
from our assistant pastor's wife...

Then the children each chose a sock, two buttons,
and some yarn to create a sock puppet
(This was very helpful to me, as I was able to get rid
of some unmatched socks that I've been saving for years! LOL)

The younger children sang "Jesus Loves Me"...

The older ones sang, "Send the Light"...

It was a delight to see them have so much fun!

Afterwards, we picked up Ally...

As we waited for her,
the little girls enjoyed puppeting Mozart's operas...

It was a different week.
It was a week of changes... a week of adjustments...
a week of realizations... a week of moving forth...
a week of blessings... a week of grace...
It was a good week.

"Blessed be the Lord,
who daily loadeth us with benefits,
even the God of our salvation. Selah."
~ Psalm 68:19


Valerie said...

Hi Christina! I just wanted to say I loved the post, I totally relate to it as my kids are growing at the speed of light it seems. Hope you have a great week!

PlainJane said...

Us mamas can't take all these changes at once - one at a time please, one at a time. :)

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Carolynne on following our LORD in baptism. That's the best kind of change. And I love the sock puppets doing Mozart's opera - it must have been very entertaining.

Lindsey said...

So glad to hear that the first week of "change" went so well for you! I've been praying for you and your family during this season of "changes." I'm thankful to hear that Lord has given you a heart of peace...

What a blessing to see your precious little Carolynne follow Jesus' example in baptism - Praise the Lord!! It touches my heart to see one so young living out her faith! :-) Praying she will continue to draw close to her Savior as He draws close to her...

Have a great week! :-)

Kristy... said...

I love the picture of Ally and Daddy.
Great shot!

I wish that they could/would stay little a little longer... It really does go by SO fast. I remember me saying once t hat I couldnt wait to see my youngest son smiling and stuff.. my Father in law sort of yelled at me saying not to wish for him to get bigger, before I would know it, he would be having kids of his own.. while I dont think he should have yelled :P I do see what he was saying, Almost four years have passed :( it went to quickly.


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