Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Seaside Snapshots...

I do not have much time to write today
but wanted to share some snapshots
from our visit to the ocean yesterday

(there are quite a few... sorry...
and they are in no, particular order).
Hope y'all are enjoying your day!

{tasting the salt air}

{a few possible shots for Ally's upcoming senior photos}

Ready, set, go...

"Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised;
and his greatness is unsearchable."
~ Psalm 145:3


Mrs. C said...

Those pictures are all so good! :)

Tobitha said...

Christina, I enjoy your seaside pictures so much. You are blessed to live near the ocean. My husband grew up near the ocean in Mt. Pleasant, SC and he misses it so much. It is one of our desires to live near the sea one day.

btw, your children always look so happy and content and that's good credit to you and your DH, I'm sure!

Have a lovely day.

Jody said...

Looks like a wonderful time. Ally's pictures look great. I love the blouse she has on. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing your day. I grew up near the beach and now live hours away. I miss the sights and sounds!

Gerky said...

It looks like it was an absolutely wonderful day. Your children always have smiles on their faces. It is nice to see them enjoy themselves so much!

Amy ~ (Life's Small Treasures) said...

Jealous here ;) Although we have had great weather the past few days it's getting cooler today and will continue to for the weekend :( I don't want anymore snow, but I know it's inevitable for Michigan.

Just a week left till my due date~I hope I go a bit early though ;), but so far it doesn't look like it.

Have a great end of the week and weekend.

Kristy... said...

Oh I just love all your picture but a few are greeting card worth... great shots!

I am jealous! BUT SOON spring will be upon us! CANT WAIT.

Anonymous said...

ohhh,I can't wait til your dad and I come down....I just love the pic's, Ally will have a hard time picking out a picture, they are all lovely but I do have a favorite.I feel like I can feel the wind in my hair with your pic's.. and Suzzie looks like she is lov'in it..U too!!!!:]
Love ya Mom

Pam--in Estonia said...

Beautiful pictures! It looks like you had some lovely weather :)

Tina said...

Great pictures - it looks like you had lots of fun. Thank you for sharing. Your blog is a blessing.
In His love,

Treasia said...

What a beautiful family you have. Everyone looks so happy and carefree as well. Love the seaside pics.

GraceFromHim said...

Your blog always warms my heart!
What beautiful photos, thanks for sharing with us.

Elizabeth said...

I thought that I had posted here yesterday. I guess I forgot. I wasn't going to share anything profound, just that I completely love Ally's blouse! Pretty, pretty, pretty.

Lisa said...

I love your pictures. You all look so happy and the memories your making are priceless. Loved the Senior pictures of Ally.
Have a great week.

PlainJane said...

Ahhh, love your ocean pictures - seems so unreal since it is snowing here this morning.

Great pictures of Ally, my favorite is in the line-up of the 4 small photos, I love the 3rd one to the right. Also like the pictures of Suzy - what kind of dog is she again? And it was fun seeing you running on the beach.

Have a great week!

Leandro said...

Hey, your blog is neat! I thank the LORD for it.

P.S.: (very off) I'd like to know which camera you used to take those pics. Thanks.


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