Thursday, February 5, 2009

Our Haven at Home Happenings...

We've had a busy beginning of our week
and it has been a blessing!

Monday we went to Ally's rheumatologist appointment
and went to get more blood work done.
Afterwards, we went home, eager to begin our learning.

After our Proverbs time, Ally, Will, Suzie, and I
sat at the table to read our last chapter of Adam and His Kin...

Then Ally retired to her room to work on her seatwork
while the younger ones and I worked at the dining room table.
A beautiful mess...

We began studying and reading books about China,

began praying for a missionary family in that country,
read Story About Ping, did some illustrations,
read Genesis 48 in History, did a picture study
on Rembrandt's Jacob Blessing the Children of Joseph,
read other miscellaneous books and some seatwork...

Will working on his Story About Ping Illustration

Carolynne working in her Language Lessons for Little Ones

Beth working in her Language Lessons for Little Ones 2

Tuesday, we enjoyed blessing our home

and learning together in the morning
before we went out of the house to piano lessons.
Ally worked in the kitchen and made lunch, too...

The lil' girls enjoyed vacuuming together...

Will picked up and put things away but he escaped the camera.
We did our Proverbs study together, finished term 1 in History,
and did more miscellaneous reading and seatwork.

Later in the day,
we went out to piano lessons that Ally teaches...

She is becoming a loving, patient, firm but gentle teacher

and it is a blessing to see her learning how to teach.

Meanwhile, the rest of us fellowshipped out-of-doors...

The lil' girls enjoyed the swings.

(notice how Beth is missing a new tooth? Ah, bittersweet!)

Will enjoyed playing actively with a friend.

Boys will be boys. ;o)

We were thankful to stay home during the day on Wednesday.

We focused and spent much time learning together.
We did our Proverbs study together then illustrated
as Ally worked in her Wisdom for Life notebook.
Then Ally went to focus on her academics
as the children and I worked together.
We spent a lot of the day focusing on China
and reading aloud from our Sofa books this week.
We were able to read Tikki Tikki Tembo on the couch,
then did illustrations about the story.
We, also, read about Gladys Aylward, missionary to China.
We learned about different Chinese foods and about pandas.
In addition, we enjoyed listening to tradtitional Chinese music.
We, also, worked together doing miscellaneous seatwork.

This photo was in the morning, after Proverbs time.
Ally was working in her Wisdom for Life notebook
while Will was helping Carolynne with a picture study
in her Language Lessons for Little Ones.

Meanwhile, Beth was working in her Language Lessons, too...

Yes, we do sometimes homeschool in our jammies. ;o)

Suzie, too, wanted to homeschool...
but she just wasn't getting it by osmosis...

She tries. ;o)

Later in the day...

Will read a biography about Hudson Taylor,

missionary to China

The lil' girls enjoyed doing some math printouts...

Late in the afternoon, Will read aloud to the lil' girls...

but Ally was listening in, too, from the kitchen.
She enjoyed Will's animation as he read
about the three little pigs.

Wednesday evening it was a blessing to be in church.
We were rejoicing how the Lord provided a new pulpit, too!
Pastor was in Romans 12, focusing on verse 9...
" Let love be without dissimulation. "
Love without hypocrisy, without being fake,
but instead, having love that is real, genuine.
It was a blessing to hear!

This morning I had a dentist appointment
and then enjoyed a lovely lunch date with my beloved
(with special thanks to our eldest, Ally *Ü*).
We hope to spend a small amount of time this afternoon
reading aloud and learning together.
Tomorrow we have our homeschool group park day
and then friends over for fellowship.
It will be a busy day and, likely, a busy weekend.

Before I go,
I wanted to share a few illustrations from this week...
{click to enlarge to see more detail}

"Happy is the man that findeth wisdom,
and the man that getteth understanding."
Illustration depicts a man with a magnifying glass in one hand

and God's Word in the other. Speech bubble says,
"I found It! And I'm getting understanding as I read It! I'm SO happy!"

"My son, attend to my words; incline thine ear unto my sayings.
Let them not depart from thine eyes;
keep them in the midst of thine heart."
Illustration depicts a young man with God's Word in his hands,

in front of his eyes,and hidden in his heart.

Illustrations from Story About Ping by Marjorie Flack
Left two photos depict when Ping was caught

and trapped under a basket.
Right photo depicts Ping hiding in the bushes
and a character Scripture verse:
"...but if, when ye do well, and suffer for it, ye take it patiently,
this is acceptable with God" ~ 1 Peter 2:20b

Have a lovely rest of the week!


PlainJane said...

Hi Christina,
It looks like a good week of learning. We have had a good week too, now if only I could remember to take pictures as we go.

The picture of Suzy "studying" is just too cute.

I'm still working on the Learning Logistics post, but been plagued with all kinds of gliches - I keep trying.

Have a blessed weekend my friend!!!

GraceFromHim said...

Sounds like a fun week :)
These pictures are so precious
Christina. It is such a joy to visit your blog !

Have a blessed Friday. Today is our homeschool group day too :)

Kristy... said...

I just adore the picture of Suzie sleeping on the books!

We homeschool in our Jammies too :)

apieceofcakesg said...

Hello Christina! Suwei here from Singapore. :O)

I'm not from China but we are chinese. we recently celebrated Chinese New Year (like 2 weeks ago), so you might like to see just a little of what we did.

and this one:


Mrs W said...

Hi Mrs Christina

I want to ask about something that I have been wondering about for quite some time now. I haven't asked before since I didn't want it to sound rude (especially because it is not mean to be). I am just curious about something.

Our family is going "skirts only" for girls but more out of our preference than conviction. I know that you are skirts/dresses only because of conviction.

However I have noticed with your sewing projects etc that you and your girls all appear to wear dresses only (not skirts) and all the dresses are the same basic style. Is there a reason for this (conviction, preference etc)?

The dresses are cute but I am thinking that I personally would get bored with the same style all the time, lol.

HsKubes said...

Thank you, ladies, for your comments. ;o)

Mrs. W ~
We do tend to wear more dresses than skirts.
We, generally, try to avoid skirts/shirts
but it is more of a preference, I suppose.
We had found that most skirts and shirts were not
as modest for us as we would have liked
so when we started sewing, we made dresses
(to avoid finding or sewing shirts,
this was the easier option).
And once we figured out how to make the dress
from the pattern, we just stuck with
the same pattern out of ease and simplicity,
making minor alterations here and there.
My eldest is currently wearing skirts this month,
due to a heart monitor.
We had to borrow skirts from a few ladies at church
but she does desire to one day make a few full and lengthy modest skirts and blouses.
Therefore, we are not opposed to
a lady in our family wearing skirts,
we just feel that the best option for modesty (for us)
has been dresses (thus far).
I hope that helps and makes sense. ;o)
Thank you for the question.
I didn't see it sounding rude at all. ;o)

~ Christina

Mrs W said...

The dresses are so cute. I wish I could sew. Yeah I saw on Ally's blog where she said she was wearing skirts this month but she usually wears a dress, it was part of what made me wonder if it was a conviction or not (kinda like the Amish wearing cape dresses maybe). Anyway thanks for answering, it was interesting.

I am trying to find some modest skirts that I can wear for maternity, do you know how hard it is to find maternity skirts? I just want denim and khaki and black and stuff like that but all they make is pants and I couldn't sew a stitch to save my life. Oh well. There are some on the internet but they tend to be expensive. I am just looking for elastic waisted skirts in the thrift stores lol.


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