Thursday, February 19, 2009

Haven Snapshots...

Though I've found it difficult to find time
to write a thorough blog post,
I wanted to share a few snapshots
from this week at our haven at home...

A real treat on Monday, when Daddy had the day off
and was able to sit in during our Proverbs time. Ü

Ally spending time with her Beloved

Pizza and painting... watercoloring maps of Egypt

Painting a salt dough map of Egypt

Intently reading

Tic tac toe

Our youngest's (Carolynne) drawing of
her watching Mama iron

Backyard Blessings this week as warmer temps arrived...

tufted titmouse

black capped chickadee

blue jay

Okay, not your average backyard bird
but it certainly caught my attention. ;o)

Hope y'all are enjoying your week!

"Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits,
even the God of our salvation. Selah."
~ Psalm 86:19


Brandie said...

I really enjoyed the pictures. Thanks for sharing with us.

How did you do the salt dough map?

Kristine said...

I was wondering, do you have a television in your home? If so, what are your rules with it? I wish hubby would let us get rid of ours.
I enjoyed sharing your week with you through your pictures. Yes, Monday was a nice treat for your hubby to be home. I like winters up here in WI when my husband's work slows down and he's home with us more often. Those are times I wouldn't trade for anything. I remember when my husband was in the USMC. He was deployed for the whole first year of our marriage to the first Gulf war, then came back and was deployed again right away to Okinowa, then came back and went out again to Gitmo in Cuba. Those letters written between us made us stronger as a couple. I still read those "letters from war" and they renew the love in my heart toward my husband. Those times when he's home in between deployments are so precious, you just don't want them to end. So I completely understand when you say it's a treat to have him home. I remember!

PlainJane said...

So there's "my" chicken timer? lol Fun pictures - I always love the ones with the family around the table. What book is that that Beth is reading?

Have a good weekend!!!

Alesha said...

Love the pics of your "yardbirds"!


Kristy... said...

Love the picture of momma ironing, SO cute..

Christine said...

Your week looks delightful. I love the Living learning that is occuring at your house. Blessings!


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