Monday, February 25, 2008

Weekend's Ways...

I hope y'all enjoyed your weekend.
Saturday, my beloved desired to tackle the garage.
There were boxes stuffed in corners
and stacked against the walls
that we haven't even looked at or touched
since we moved here!
But we enjoyed working together. ;o)
The children, too, enjoyed working with us
and playing in the driveway...

Will and Beth assessing the situation with Daddy

Ally enjoying her old pogo stick. lol

Beth trying it, too (with Daddy's help) ;o)

Beth and Carolynne enjoying all of the boxes

Will, willing to take the girls for a ride

Carolynne... curbside pondering

We were glad to get much accomplished,
though not completely finished. ;o)

Sunday, we enjoyed being in the Lord's house.
We look forward to every time the doors are opened.
Fellowshipping with God's people
is such a special blessing!
During the morning service,
the children recited a Scripture and sang
"Jesus Loves Me/O How I Love Jesus

It's always such a blessing to hear them sing.

In the evening service, Ally
played offeratory
and Pastor preached his Candy Bar Sermon.
The whole church went home with candy bars. ;o)
Today I am tackling Mount Washmore,
catching up on dishes,
and helping a friend with her new blog
(she wrote a great post today, too)
while the children have been helping,
doing a little schoolwork, and playing.
Now it's time to do a little more laundry
and prepare for Daddy coming home from work. ;o)
The children are tidying up
and I'm off to begin supper.
Hope y'all have enjoyed your day!

"Great is the LORD,
and greatly to be praised;
and his greatness is unsearchable."
~ Psalm 145:3


devildogwife said...

Glad to hear/see that we're not the only ones that have untouched boxes. ;)

Kristy Jo said...

Oh what a nice weekend.
My daughter has the jumper that Carolynne has on ... I LOVE IT!

I love the picture of her on the dump truck looking down the street... its a perfect picture!

Good to hear from ya! we missed ya in the bloggy world!

Mrs. Taft said...

Sounds like a great weekend. :)

Karen said...

Hey Christina,
I love catching up on your posts, and sorry that I missed Ally's birthday! Please wish her a belated Happy Birthday from the Kindred Haven crew!
I am enjoying seeing all the fun "ordinary" family things you're getting to do with your beloved and daddy back home with you all. That is such a blessing to see.

Ron and Ginny said...

Good productive(fun)work! I'm sure you are still pinching yourself that your beloved is really home for good. :-D

Our address is Mount Vernon, Ohio. It is a little northeast of Columbus, in Amish country. Were you anywhere near there? :-)


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