Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Nest...

One thing we have been enjoying this summer
is getting more familiar with nature study.
It's been a blessing to take advantage of
some of the "extra" time we've had this summer
as we aren't at "full speed" in our home learning.
The truth is, I've been resolving to discipline myself
in purposely adding more nature study in our days.
The children and I have enjoyed it much!

As the children were walking Suzie yesterday,
they found a little cup nest lying on the ground
and were excited to bring it home.
We studying how the material was carefully weaved
together to make this cozy little home.
How amazing it was to study it!

The children enjoyed adding this wonderful find
to their nature journals...
(and Carolynne added a little embellishment to hers
by adding bird eggs {left}... which was more than okay)

I enjoyed finding a poem that I will share with the children

and Will will copy a portion of it into his nature journal...

Who Taught the Birds?

Who taught the bird to build her nest
Of softest wool, and hay, and moss?
Who taught her how to weave it best,
And lay the tiny twigs across?

Who taught the busy bee to fly
Among the sweetest herbs and flowers,
And lay her store of honey by,
Providing food for winter hours?

Who taught the little ant the way
Her narrow cell so well to bore
And through the pleasant summer day
To gather up her winter store?

'Twas God who taught them all the way,
And gave the little creatures skill;
He teaches children, when they pray,
To know and do His heavenly will.

~ by Jane Taylor
(from Poems for Memorization by Rod and Staff Publishers)


michelle said...

Nests are such treasures to kids. I remember when my brother and I found a hummingbird nest. We were delighted!

Anonymous said...

I always get a blessing when I read your blog! Praise the Lord!

Valerie said...

What a great time you all have as a family! I want to spend more time out of doors, doing nature walks with the kids, myself. Thanks for posting about your nest! :)
Thank you, also, for your kind comment on my blog. Hope you have had a great week!

PlainJane said...

We love nature and all that God has so richly created for us - makes one wonder how anyone could believe in evolution. Lovely poem - hmmm, I think I have that book here somewhere - I better go hunt it down. :)

Have a great day!

Woman of Faith said...

What a great example of nature study! You are so encouraging.

Thank you for responding to my comment about watermarks. I have since gone to Picasa (like Flickr, used with Blogger) and they have a way to do it with their program as well, so my problem is solved... thanks to you! Thank you so much.

HsKubes said...

Michelle ~ Yes, they are treasures to all of us, especially the children. How exciting to have found a hummingbird nest!

Anonymous ~ Thank you very much. It is an answer to prayer to hear so. Praise the Lord!

Valerie ~ I, too, have been wanting to do more out-of-doors with the children and have resolved to use this summer to begin the habit. It has been a real joy!

PlainJane ~ Exactly! What a testimony of our Great Creator's hand!

Woman of Faith ~ Thank you. ;o)

~ Christina

Anonymous said...

What kind of book are you using for their nature notebook. Do you remember where you got them?


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