Friday, July 3, 2009

Independence Day Learning Resources...

{image drawn by Will, age 8, using Windows Paint}

I just wanted to share a few links that I came across
that we have enjoyed using
as we focus on
Independence Day.

ABC Teach
(activities, color pages, etc...)

Apples 4 Teachers
(activities, color pages, poems, etc...)

(coloring pages)

Enchanted Learning
(activities, crafts, etc...)

The Homeschool Mom
(unit studies, lesson plans, etc...)

I, also, came across this read.
It is a Declaration of Educational Independence.

{{Disclaimer: I am in NO way declaring that I support, recommend,
or agree with
all of the content contained at the above links.
Please v
isit with your own discernment}}

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Mrs.B said...

Thank you so much for those wonderful links

In HIS Keeping,


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