Friday, July 10, 2009

Haven at Home Happenings...

It has been a blessing this week as we have been able to
focus on getting back to more structured learning.
We are aiming to complete our history study in Exodus
so we can be ready for this upcoming year's studies.

We have been reading about and discussing
the ten plagues of Egypt. It has been a fascinating study
as we are learning which Egyptian gods each plague discredited.
One of the projects we've been doing during this time

is a mini book of the 10 plagues.
I found the idea as I was searching for coloring pages.
Here are their books...

We've, also, been learning a song to help us remember
the order of the plagues, which we have all been enjoying.

Also, this week, we enjoyed doing a study on the tree
in our backyard, learning it was a willow oak
and discussing different animals that sought out its acorns.
The children, also, enjoyed doing leaf rubs and sketches
in their nature journals...

Carolynne's ~ age 5

Beth ~ age 6

Will ~ age 10

Will's copywork of Virgil's poem

We, also, picked back up with other subjects this week.
The children enjoyed 'getting back to the books'...

Carolynne doing her phonics copywork

Beth illustrating a poem we read aloud

Will working on his copywork

We've enjoyed our past weeks of busyness together

but it was a delight to get back to some sort of routine
and structure in our learning moments.

Today we read about and discussed another plague
from the book of Exodus and then we devoted
the rest of the day to blessing the house...

Ally emptied, purged, and scrubbed the fridge

Will emptied and scrubbed all of the trash cans,
in addition to organizing the game drawer,
cleaning out the media armoire & straightening bookshelves.

Beth and Carolynne helped pick up sticks and toys
from the backyard, as well as put miscellaneous toys away,
organize the shoe closet, and wash baseboards.

I focused on the living room, moving furniture
and cleaning behind it, emptied the blanket basket
and aired out all of the blankets, washed windows,
emptied and organized the six drawers of the side tables,
swept, mopped, and vacuumed, and washed the curtains.

We took a break in between for an ice cream treat...

I loved, too, being able to hang the laundry on the line,

due to the wonderful breezes we had today...

I just love laundry on the line!

It was a real blessing to work together today,
keeping our home a pleasant haven to dwell.


Marci said...

It sure looks like fun too!! You have wonderful children!!

Grafted Branch@Restoring the Years said...

You *do* make the work look fun! I need to likewise pause the routine for a house "blessing."

I do wish you would share the lyrics to the Exodus plague song. :) Please?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. It was so encouraging. I got to some cleaning myself today, and it is such a great feeling. I didn't do NEARLY as much as you guys got done, however. :-D I need to do what Ally did...tomorrow. I'm procrastinating.

Have a great weekend!


PlainJane said...

Hi Christina,
I love your picture-full posts. We finished Exodus as our last book of the school year too - although we had Job in there too, did you? We are gearing up to do a lot of OT next year - we will see if my schedule is a bit too ambitious. :)

I like Will's copywork, the poem reminds me of something one would find in a one-room schoolhouse book about 100 yrs. ago. Very pretty.

Great clean-up photos - we get ambitious like that (well, maybe not quite that much) every once in a blue moon - usually just before company arrives, lol. Maybe I could hire your children :).

Have a great weekend!!!

PlainJane said...

Oh, I forgot to mention, I like the ice cream break photo - it's hard to tell with the shadows, but it even looks like Suzie is enjoying ice cream and has a bib on, lol - or is that just my goofy imagination.

Anonymous said...

enjoying the wonderful pic's and missing everyone..and Thanking the Lord You know how to post them..
Love Mom

HsKubes said...

Marci ~ Thank you!

Grafted Branch ~ Sure! I just shared it in a new post. ;o)

Frances ~ Thank you. I hope your weekend went well.

PlainJane ~ Thank you. ;o) No, we aren't covering Job right now. We will be stopping at Moses' death until our upcoming year's studies. I believe we were supposed to cover Job in one of our earlier terms but I somehow skipped it and hope to cover it at a later time.
We will be continuing in the OT this upcoming year, too... from Joshua to Malachi. ;o)

And, yes, Suzie was enjoying an ice cream cone as well... and she did (sort of) have a bib on. It was from her trip to the groomers... they had put a bandana around her neck. How perceptive of you. ;o)

Mama ~ We are missing you, too, and are very glad that you're able to get on the computer to see the photos. Love you!


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