Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Haven at Home Happenings...

Photos and tidbits from our past week...

Our Beth and Carolynne
moved the playhouse this week
in a failed attempt to attain
lemons from our neighbor's tree.
Though a somewhat 'cute' sight,
it was, indeed, a moment of training. ;o)

It was, also, a morning of mischief...
later they were found climbing
the perimeter of the yard via the fence...


The children enjoyed
meeting our neighbor's pet.
(One that I pray remains at our neighbor's) ;o)

A few bookshelves were assembled
and quite a few boxes were emptied...

Will has enjoyed spending his free time
typing his Bible onto the computer...

When visiting with and helping a sister-in-Christ
that recently had surgery,
we went with her and her dogs to the local dog beach.
It was fascinating to see so many dogs
roaming around freely...
It was our first time to a dog beach
and we enjoyed it very much!

Later, we headed home as we fought traffic.
I am still adjusting to the steady four lane roads.

That evening Pastor and his wife came for supper.
We enjoyed our sweet time of fellowship. :o)

Also, this week I baked my beloved's favorite...
peanut butter cookies.
On Friday, he left on a weekend trip for work.
We were glad it was only for a couple of days.
He shared this beautiful view from the plane...

In the evening, we welcomed two ladies from church
to our home for sourdough pizza.
Another blessing in fellowship!

On Saturday, the children and I enjoyed
a special day of rest.
We learned a new song,
read Scripture together,
and spent the day resting in the LORD,
thanking HIM for Who He is
and for HIS goodness.
It was such a blessing!

"Return unto thy rest, O my soul;
for the LORD hath dealt bountifully with thee."
Psalm 116:7

After worshipping in our
local church Sunday morning,
we enjoyed lunch out with some of the folks,
visited with Pastor and his wife at their home,
and then picked Daddy up from the airport.
We were glad to have him home!

We had to pick his truck up from work
so that meant I had to drive over the
big, scary bridge myself for the first time.
We all survived...
though not my favorite thing. ;o)

The view, however, is always beautiful...
even on cloudy days...

Our Sunday evening was spent at pastor's house
as we worked through our Bible study,
and enjoyed food and fellowship...
which is always a blessing!

The LORD has been doing wonderful things
and we are excited to see what HE has for us.
HE is so good! And we are so thankful.

May you have a blessed week in HIM!


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

It sounds as if you are settling in nicely. it is a bit different there for sure. i remember at my Grams duplex being able to pick grapefruit anytime I wished.

Kristy... said...

WOW, I would LOVE to have a lemon tree in my backyard.. or, my neighbors :P
I am enjoying your pictures of your journey and new home very much.

Glad it seems like things are moving along so well for you!


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