Monday, January 25, 2010

Haven at Home Happenings...

{Sharing snapshots from last week}

Last week was an eventful one for us.
Daddy had two days off from work
and we enjoyed our time with him.

Monday afternoon, we enjoyed
the company of a single Marine.

We had an afternoon, evening, and late night
of food, fellowship, and fun games.
Tuesday was spent with Daddy, at home.

On Wednesday, Daddy went back to work
and we enjoyed the pleasures of home...

The younger ones enjoyed a couple of games of Bible Trivia

Ally worked away in her Modern Greek Grammar book...

Thursday morning, too, was spent at home...

The lil' girls enjoyed coloring

Will delighted in making breakfast for everyone!

Sweet Cinnamon Biscuits! Mmmm!!

After going to Beth's violin lessons in the afternoon,
Ally finished making a batch of chocolate mint wafers...

Friday morning, we packed up and headed to church
for our monthly Keepers of the Faith meeting.
When we arrived, firemen were next door (in a deserted building)
doing practice drills and such and they invited us to watch!
The children (and the moms) were thrilled!

During our meeting, I gave a lesson on contentment
(which was a challenge to my own heart!).
Ally and her friend helped by acting out a little skit...

Afterwards, the children (and moms) enjoyed watercoloring...

Friday afternoon and evening was spent with friends,
as was Saturday evening!
We enjoyed a lot of fellowship this week
and are praising the LORD for such a blessing!

"And my tongue shall speak of thy righteousness
and of thy praise all the day long."
~ Psalm 35:28


Beth said...

I thoroughly enjoy your blog! I love the pictures of your children enjoying each other. I so wish I could find a good group like you have become involved with here in Indiana!
I hope you have a lovely the way, I am having an apron giveaway on my little blog...if you comment, I will put you into the drawing! (I'm not exactly a seamstress but this little apron comes from my heart! )
Love in Christ,

PlainJane said...

Hi Christina,
Looks like another great week! Too bad you can't share those cinnamon rolls online. :)

Sherry said...

Oh, man! Those cinnamon rolls look divine! :D


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