Thursday, November 19, 2009

Haven at Home Happenings...

Sharing snapshots...

Monday morning, we enjoyed our learning at home...

Will reading about ancient Greece
while cozied up by Suzie

Carolynne and Beth coloring the world {for science}

In the afternoon, we had friends over
for tea and fellowship,

which is always a blessing.

Tuesday morning, we had our Bible time together,
worked on the laundry and other household duties
so we could spend our afternoon running errands.
We went to the fabric store to get more fabric
to make our dresses for our upcoming family photos,
then went to the thrift store to find a few items,
then the shoe store to get our fast growing son
some new church shoes, then to Beth's violin master's class.

Ally found a new outfit at the thrift store
that she was thrilled about...

We, also, found a blouse that went with the new outfit
that I purchased last week at an etsy shop...

And she, too, got new shoes. ;o)
(Is it just me or do they REALLY grow up too fast?!)

On Wednesday, we spent the day at home
plugging away at our homeschool work and homekeeping.

Ally read our Bible History lesson aloud
while I sewed a snap on her new suit jacket...

Suzie, too, tried to get in on the lesson...

But her attention span was short,
due to her new neighbor friend...

The younger children illustrated our lesson,
which was about Abimelech and how he died...

And sweet Carolynne had a special message
on the back of her illustration (as she faithfully does)...

Oh, how I love those precious notes!

Something else that is simply precious to me
is to see our eldest spend time with her younger siblings.
This can sometimes be a seemingly difficult task and
I am thankful for her tender heart toward her siblings...

Here she was coloring with her younger sisters.

Today we are pressing on in our learning times
and this afternoon we will be meeting with
Beth's violin teacher
to pick up some
Christmas music for Beth to work on

for the upcoming recital.

This morning, too, we are praying for my mama.
She is having her parathyroid removed around 10am.
Though we cannot be with her, we know the LORD
is with her,
loves her, and is in complete control.
What a wonderful God we serve!

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week!


Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. HsKubes,
I need a bit of encouragement, if you please.
This is my first year homeschooling my 2 boys (8 and 4), and I just have either wonderful days or disastrous days. I can't seem to balance and some days I just lose my temper. I absolutely love homeschooling and so do my kids, but there are some days when they misbehave so much and I just lose it! I've been praying so hard, even tried fasting, and sofar I feel I still fail and the kids still continue to make chaos.
I love my kids so much, but they are already hyperactive by nature, and feed off of each other's energy and silliness during study time.
If you have any advice for me, please share, also any other godly commentators' suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
God Bless.
Terrace, BC.

Madeleine said...


Ally looks so old!!!!

It may be the outfits that have matured her sweet young face, but she IS a high school graduate...

I love seeing the loveliness of your life.

Thank you for sharing. Again. :)

PlainJane said...

Love to see your photos of the kids in action. And that Suzy, she is such a character - is that the same friend/husband from a little while back? I had to giggle at the Abimelech illustrations, those are keepers for sure!

Yes, I LOVE my print and hope to look for a just-right matt for it at the craft store next Tuesday when we help take the residents from the nursing home there. I will be hanging it in my bedroom. Thank you again.

And yes, we are having a great week. Remember when I told you that our Ruby Girls group was no longer going, well, I have been praying recently about likeminded local friends for the girls and myself and the Lord answered that prayer, express. I unexpectantly received a call yesterday for the girls to join a conservative Bible Study (that met today) - what a blessing that was, just the right girls and just the right moms. God is good!

Mrs. Taft said...

I love her new outfit, she looks fabulous :D The shoes fit it perfectly too.


I love your sweet post but most of all your sweet family. I stopped by to wish you and your family a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING. I am so thankful that there are still families such as your and may God always bless you as you all live for Him. love you, connie

HsKubes said...

Terrace ~ I do apologize for taking such a long while to respond.
I do understand what you are going through. I have learned (and am frequently reminded) that I must take each day, one at a time, being faithful in God's Word, diligent, and in much prayer.
Much advice that I can offer, I have shared in many previous posts and thought it best to share all of them with you.
If you look in my sidebar (on the right), you will see a box that is labeled Parenting Posts. I encourage you to read through each of those and pray they are a blessing to you.
May the LORD bless you as you seek HIM.

~ Christina


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