Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tidbits From Our Trip... Part 3

In our last tidbits post, I shared some photos
of people and fellowship during our trip.
In this last post of our trip, I wanted to share pics
of us enjoying the abundance of snow we were blessed with!

The day we arrived there was no snow on the ground
but by the end of the evening our van was coated
with the beautiful, cold, fluffy stuff...

Suzie enjoyed the snow as much as the children did...

Here she was in the middle of the road (a cul-de-sac)

with all the fresh, fluffy snow!

Early in the day, the children enjoyed playing in it...

And the days after that...

...Even in the blustery wind...

While everyone else was outside getting frosty,

Ally was inside resting with Frosty... lol

One evening, after washing the van,
father and son explored their car wash mystery...

They saw something laying on the ground

and decided to jump ship (jump van) to see what it was.
It was part of the car wash, actually,
and they were quite satisfied with their discovery,
despite the freezing temperatures.

One of the days, the children worked together with Daddy

to make their first snowman...
(Will had already gone inside before this pic)

This one, actually, got knocked down so they built another

with Daddy and then built a small snow fort with Ally
(though I was taking a nap and no pics were taken).

And this shot seems to be the laugh of the trip...

Daddy was shoveling the driveway and, well,
he didn't quite dispose of all of it properly... lol

(Thanks for the pic, Daddy!) ;o)

Thank you for sharing our trip with us!
Hope you enjoyed seeing our tidbits!


Pam said...

Oh how fun and COLD!! BRRR! I haven't been by in a LONG time, so I'm settling in with a cup of coffee to spend some time here on your lovely blog! I've missed you! Like the new look by the way.
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Christina, I was going through my SPAM and seen your blog??? so I moved it to my inbox and it disappeared,so,I went to your blog and realized I have not received your blog since a few blogs ago,anyhow I think I,m caught up, I just love the pictures and it truly was a blessing to have you and Bill and Grandchildren visit,I really can,t discribe how much. I wish I was feeling better,and I'm glad you all had a safe return..

PlainJane said...

Looking at those pictures, one would think you were at my house. It's good you all have warm winter clothes for just such an occassion. Hope you have thawed out by now. :)


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