Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tidbits From Our Trip... Part 2

Now that I've shared the beautiful sights
that the Lord blessed us with on our trip,
I wanted to share some pics of people
and the moments we spent together.

Here are a few shots of us on our
almost 950 miles and, roughly, 18 hours trip...

Everyone was cozily situated. Ü

Suzie enjoyed some fresh air along the way.

And I enjoyed a mocha and peppermint twist mocha.

Here are a couple of shots once we got there...
Papa enjoyed listening to Ally play her guitar and sing...

The Saturday after we arrived,
we had a family Christmas party...

my sister, Ally, my mom and dad

Daddy and Ally

My beloved and me

The younger ones sang a couple of Christmas hymns

and Will recited a portion of Luke 2.

Suzie, though she couldn't go to the party,
did receive a gift from an uncle... a ham bone!
And she loved it!

Sunday afternoon, my brother, sister, and their families,
and my grandma came to my mom and dad's house
to open gifts and witness my mom and dad exchange vows.

Here are a few shots from that afternoon...

My "baby" and me

Mama and me

Me and our "lap" dog, Suzie.

Mama and Daddy sitting together as their children

and their grandchildren open gifts.

Mama and Daddy, later, after exchanging vows...

During the week we were able to visit my beloved's dad,

visit the town I grew up in, stop to see my brother's house
that he built, and visit more with Mama and Daddy.
Tuesday's church was cancelled due to the weather
but we were glad we were able to visit our friends
and distant church family at least once during our visit. ;o)

On Christmas Eve, Mama was admitted to the hospital
with extreme difficulty in breathing.
She had pneumonia, congestive heart failure, and copd.
She was there on Christmas Day, too,
so we went to visit with her, especially, since we left the next day.

Daddy was there with her and we brought them
Christmas supper from the house
so they could have it together...

They, also, opened their stockings to each other...

Beth and Carolynne enjoyed looking out the hospital window...

... and sitting on Daddy's lap...

It was such a blessing to be able to go north

and visit with family that we don't get to see often.
We didn't like leaving Mama in the hospital,
especially since Daddy had pneumonia, too,
but we are glad they are home now and doing better.
It was a blessing to be there when we were.
God's timing is so perfect.

Next post, I hope to share a few pictures
of us enjoying the snow!


Anonymous said...

Loved seeing the fun your family had during Christmas! Reminds me of our past Christmas experiences. This year was a little different and seemed to miss the mark on many areas, but we have His word hidden in our hearts.

The mocha sounds yummy! I might just see if my hubby and I can enjoy a treat out together for the New Year. I'm trying to be creative and come up with something to share as a token of a new start.


Lisa said...

I enjoyed your pictures and I thought is was so sweet that your parents exchanged vows. I'm sorry they have been sick. nI hope you and your family have a very Happy and Blessed New Year!
Hugs. Lisa

Kristy... said...

You look l ike your mamma~

I love the picture of The girls looking out the window... looks like you had a good time here!
Glad to see it!

Pam said...

Family, Fun, Fellowship, Friends, and of course FOOD! Loved the cozy photos. Your poor Mama! At least she got to renew her vows before taking ill.

PlainJane said...

Always enjoy seeing your pictures. I'm so sorry to hear that your parents were ill - what a bummer to have to go to the hospital over Christmas - it was good that you all could bring a little sunshine to your folks.

The photo of Suzy with the bone made me lol.


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