Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mmmm... Tea

I have only recently developed a liking for tea.
As a matter of fact,
so far I only really like chai green tea (spiced)
but I am occasionally trying new teas
and aquiring a taste for some of them.
So when I saw that Mrs. U was having a tea giveaway,
I was eager to sign up for the possibility
to try more tea and to enjoy a flavor I already love.
If you love tea, want to love tea,
or even if you never really cared about tea...
a chance to try it for free may peak your interest. ;o)



I do like tea very much. We are having a cold front come in tonight. I can't wait. That is my favorite time to drink hot tea. We drink iced tea all the year long. Hope you have a warm tea drinking moment. connie

Melody said...

Mmmmm. Hot tea. That's a good idea - I should go make a cup!

Anyway, just wanted to leave a comment to suggest Stash tea. I've seen it in a lot of grocery stores around here. Their vanilla spiced chai (black tea) is fabulous! Add a splash of milk and a little sweetener.....oh YUM.

Just thought I'd tell you how yummy it is! :O)

Michelle said...

I do love teas but only herbal ones get along with my tummy any more.

Tori said...

Yea I love tea too but only if it has ice in it, from Texas you know!

Sure hope you win Christina!

PlainJane said...

I just started liking tea a couple of years ago, but it can't taste like "tea". lol There is a wonderful herbal tea from the Good Earth restaurant here in MN that I do love though. We may get some snow showers on Sunday, so it might be a good time to have a cup.

Elizabeth said...

Tea is a drink that you put so much of yourself in each cup. Water temperature for steeping, how long it steeps, sweeteners and milk...or not. And what about that smell...mmmmm!

My dad works for a coffee company. They also sell whole leaf tea. I've been so blessed in that when they have tea they're going to throw out, I get to keep it!

After a stressful day I love to make a cup of chamomile tea. I read somewhere (if I remember right) that Native Americans used to use chamomile tea as a stress remedy. I don't know if it really works, but it sure feels like it does.

btw, I'm a huge green tea fan. Plain green with one small spoonful of local honey. Mint tea is #2.

Cassidy said...

I love teas. I am trying new ones here and there also and am liking some and having to "fix some of them up" to like them. :) I collect tea cups so it's a must that I enjoy tea! LOL


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