Sunday, September 4, 2011

Haven at Home Happenings... Of ravens, thumbprints, snakes, war, and more

We were blessed with a very full week,
as we attempted to 'pick up the pace'
with our learning at home.

It began with waking Monday morning
to discover our lil' girls had found a bird in the backyard...
a DEAD bird.

I was SO glad to see they were wearing gloves ;)

This, of course, led to a nature study.
We researched to discover what kind of bird it was
and found it to be a baby raven.
Somehow it ended up dead in our pool overnight...
poor thing.
But we made the best of it :)

We looked in our field guide and read about ravens
and, also, read some portions of Scripture pertaining to ravens...

like when they brought food to Elijah
{1 Kings 17:4}
and when Noah sent the raven from the ark
{Genesis 8}
and what YHVH says about those
that despise and mock their parents
{Proverbs 30:17}

and how YHVH cares for the ravens
and even more so for us
{Luke 12:24}

Then the children drew illustrations of the raven...

And, of course, we disposed of the raven ;)


We, also, enjoyed digging into our Torah study this week,
along with our discussion, worksheets,
and copywork {like this one}.
We are, also, working at memorizing a couple of verses,
including the Shema
(and we plan to learn to sing it, as well). :)

color pages illustrating how kings were to write out the Torah
{good idea for believers, too}

Hebrew copywork


We, also, took out our McGuffey Readers
and each one began reading aloud from them this week,
as well as doing some copywork from them.
And each child worked on other various subjects, too.

World War 2 living book

workbook about our 50 states

And a little art, too :)


One day, while running errands, we enjoyed a day of Yuki-schooling
(our version of vanschooling, which I hope to write a post about soon).
We enjoyed listening to a cd of science songs...
singing about YHVH's wonderful creation!

And there were times of play and miscellaneous activities, too...

strategy... playing Axis and Allies

Fingerprint art...

I just LOVED all of their thumbprint animals!

Mixing and baking cookies...

When I was making my challah
in the shape of a menorah
this week,
the girls wanted to shape their own dough, too...
And they made...



They enjoyed eating their snakes
and sharing pieces of them, too. :)

I thank and praise YHVH for the week He gave us.
His goodness is so evident every day.
What an amazing and awesome Elohim we have!

Thank you, Abba!


Lisa in Texas = ) said...

Ravens are very smart birds - well I think they are. They love to come around and get dried bread that my chickens have not eaten. They get a piece of the bread and take it to one of the places where I have water for the chickens and the Ravens dip the bread into the water to soften it up.
There was also one time several years ago that a hawk got one of our chickens. Later that day I noticed when a hawk came back around and was getting close to my chicken again - that the Ravens scared them off.
Lisa :o)

Jerelene said...

It sounds like you all had a lovely time learning together:) I love the thumb art!! Adorable:) What was your son using to do the axis and allies? My son is doing American History this year too..He is not that far yet...he is looking forward to it though.
Blessings to you and your family,
Ps...I love what Lisa in Texas told about the ravens..very interesting and I'm glad she shared it:)

Emily Fay said...

I love seeing your homeschooling photos! Lots of fun things you have been up to. I am having my children to Hebrew copywork as well :) Have a blessed week -


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