Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Be Blessed!

Blessed are
the perfect {upright, wholehearted} in the way,
who walk in the Torah {law; instructions}
of יהוה {YHVH; the LORD}!
Blessed are those who observe {keep; guard}
His witnesses {testimonies},
who seek Him with all the heart!
Yea, they shall do no unrighteousness;
they shall walk in His ways.
You have commanded us
to guard {keep; observe} Your orders diligently.
Oh, that my ways were established {directed}
To guard {keep} Your laws!
Psalm 119:1-5

Be blessed.
Walk in His ways... Torah.


Beth said...

What a lovely post! Have a wonderfully blessed day! Beth

Moira said...

Love your photo's and your beautiful head coverings.
Shabbat Shalom,

Emily Fay said...

Passing through to say hello! Hope all is well with you! Blessings to you this week ~


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