Friday, June 25, 2010

Plethora of Pictures...

A couple of days ago,
our computer was rediscovered,
scattered among boxes.
My beloved spent time
piecing it back together
and we were eager to look at
the photos we had taken with our camera
along our cross-country journey.

Since then, we have been sorting through
the vast amount of photos
(over 1,000!!).
Rest assured,
I will not share all 1,000+ pictures,
but as I continue unpacking,
turning our house into a home,
and will not have much time to write posts,
I thought I would make a few posts,
over the next week,
of photos that were taken
and weren't able to share along the way.

We are thankful to the LORD
for giving us such an opportunity as HE did.
It was a blessing to our family in many ways!

We hope you, too, enjoy our photo journal
of our trip across the U.S.!

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