Thursday, June 10, 2010

Haven at Home on Wheels... Days 38 and 39

Day 38 ~ Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Today my beloved took a trip into his new work
to get familiar with the area before he checks in.
The children and I spent the day
hanging around the camper together.

Ally and I cleaned up, sweeping, mopping,
washing a few dishes, wiping counters,
cleaning the bathroom, etc...
It was the quickest time we had ever cleaned
our entire home... 30 minutes.
But that's the joy of living in a camper. ;o)

After having soup for lunch,
the children and I took a walk to the campground store.

It ended up being farther than we all thought.
In fact, it was about 4 miles total,
and though it was tiring, it was very enjoyable!

While we were at the store,
we sat outside by the lake, enjoying a snack,
the beautiful view, and the many ducks...

After the, seemingly, long journey back to the camper,
we were delighted to sit and enjoy the comforts of a/c. ;o)

Daddy arrived home a little later than we planned,
so we enjoyed a late supper... together. :-)

Day 39 ~ Thursday, June 10, 2010

This morning I enjoyed coffee in bed with my beloved
before he headed to work to check in.
It was nice to have some quiet, semi-private
time together before he left for the day. ;o)

On his way out, he lit the oven for us
so the children and I enjoyed warm biscuits for breakfast
with some of our homemade strawberry jam. Mmm!

After breakfast, Ally and Suzie {the dog} went for a walk
to a nearby creek so she could enjoy her quiet time there.
Meanwhile, Will enjoyed playing a game of Mille Bornes
with a few toy friends at the table...

And the lil' girls did some workbook activities
on the bed with me, while I had a little computer time...

Also, today, I was able to finish the Duggar's book!
A real victory for me, as I tend to start many books at once
and struggle to finish any of them.
It was a wonderful book. A real blessing and encouragement
to see this family living so joyfully for the LORD!

I, also, worked on the next lesson
for our Sunday evening Bible study.
The lesson was about the futility of self.... Ouch!
It was a great (and convicting) lesson, indeed.

In the afternoon, we all went outside.
Will and Beth tossed the softball together,
Carolynne rode her scooter
(and then drew pictures for friends she misses...
we all are missing our friends),
Ally read and worked in a physics book,
and I began reading, again, in "Real Christianity".

The sky was covered with a gray overcast...
the temps were cooler than usual with a cool breeze.
We even put on sweaters!
We enjoyed listening to the instrumental music
coming from the camper
and the F18s that occasionally flew over.

When Daddy came home, he brought supper with him,
which was a blessing!
We decided to eat indoors since it was chilly outside,
but we enjoyed the tight squeeze around the table.

Thanking and praising the LORD
for HIS goodness
and for the complete satisfaction
that is found only in HIM.

"And the LORD shall guide thee continually,
and satisfy thy soul in drought,
and make fat thy bones:
and thou shalt be like a watered garden,
and like a spring of water,
whose waters fail not."
~ Isaiah 58:11


Valerie said...

I start lots of books at once, too! (blushing) I'm so glad you all are doing well in your transition. Praying for you!

PlainJane said...

I liked that book too - the girls and I inhaled it, one at a time. Sounds like a relaxing couple of days. I like the palm trees! Hope you hear on the house soon and can move in

Have a blessed weekend!


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