Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mama's Jean Jumper...

I was able to complete this jumper yesterday,
after spending a few weeks on it (on & off).
It wasn't a difficult pattern,
I just lacked the time to sit and sew.

I used a my pullover jumper pattern...
lined bodice, darts, gathered skirt, deep pockets,
and I added to the seam allowance in the front
so I could add the buttons.

Buttons aren't so bad,
now that I've been sewing them with the machine.
(special thanks to my pastor's wife, who gave me this wonderful suggestion!)
I look forward to getting a lot of use
out of this very practical (and comfortable) jumper. ;o)

"She seeketh wool, and flax,
and worketh willingly with her hands."
~ Proverbs 31:13


Tammy said...

That looks like one that will be a "favorite"! :o) Nice work!

yankeemom said...

I love it!!! Looks fantastic - comfy and cute! Job well done mama!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Nice jumper. I finally have a machine with a simple buttonholer and yet to use it! LOL!

Lindsey said...

Very cute! I have a few jumpers myself that I just love! They are indeed very comfy and very practical. Lovely job on this! :-)

Heather B. said...

Very nice! Looks so comfortable:)

Frances said...

It's beautiful, Christina!

Sherry said...

Wow! Great job! Looks comfy! :D

Susan said...

You made so many changes - so brave! Looks like you'll get lots of comfy wear out of it!

HsKubes' Gal said...

I really love this jumper, mom! Where's mine?? JK! I think it looks very nice on you and fits you well. BTW, I'm really enjoying listening to you as you're practicing piano! I know it gets tough, but keep up the good work and you'll be a 'great proficient' ;).
Love ya!

PlainJane said...

Oh, what a sweet comment above. :) Very nice jean jumper Christina. I love deep pockets. Amber wants a jean jumper too - I keep looking on line for one that has good pockets, but I need to keep looking. I should bring my sewing machine over to your house for some lessons. Maybe you can help me find the automatic button that does all the work for me.


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