Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thrift Store Art Finds...

What a delight is was to find these art prints
at a local thrift store last week...

Victorian Garden by T.C. Chiu, matted and framed ($10)
I just love the whole mood in this picture...
enjoying the beauty of God's creation with a dear loved one.

Two of Robert Furber's
"The Twelve Months of the Year in Flowers", 1732 ($3)



The children and I cleaned them up today
and hung them on the wall.
I just love how Fruber identifies
the different varieties of flowers.
What a joy to look at his beautiful illustrations
and learn the names of those beauties.

It had been quite some time since I had last
done a little thrift shopping.
I, also, picked up quite a few board games
for 75 cents a piece.
One of them was the "Worst Case Scenerio Game"
that I have contemplated getting for some time.
We look forward to enjoying those as a family, too!


Susan said...

The pictures you found are beautiful!!! You got a blessing! :)

Jennifer said...

I love the pictures;) and I just love thrift stores!! There the best!!

Marci said...

It is always a blessing to find what you need or would grace your home for a small price. You got some good buys there. :)

Anonymous said...

How lovely are those!!They would look great with that mirror from FL
love ya

PlainJane said...

Very lovely - thrift stores are so fun! And to imagine that they are matted and framed too - what a deal.

I just love the Sense & Sensibilty patterns - we have the Edwardian apron pattern of theirs - now just to get a move on and buy some fabric. And I'll have to file away Vistaprint's email address for when we get to the graduation planning in a couple years - it looks like they have really nice things reasonably priced - I sure like how your invites/envelopes turned out.

Have a good weekend!

Madeleine said...

Those are fantastic finds!!

The pictures are classy and lovely.

And we wanted to get the Worst Case Scenerio game. I wish we had gotten it at the Thrift Store. We get it at a super sale. Bu not as good you yours. :)


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