Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sharing Snapshots...

Our weeks have been filled with activities
and they, also, seem to be flying by.
Before and after Ally's graduation,
we enjoyed having our out-of-state family visiting.
It was my brother's and his family's first time
to visit us and their first time near the ocean,
so, naturally, we were eager to take them there.
Here were our children enjoying their time...

(Will, after getting knocked down and soaked by a wave)

Ally resting

The lil' girls playing in the sand

We, also, celebrated my birthday while they were here
(and with local friends, too)...

The children enjoyed playing in my brother's tent
in the backyard...

On one of the days, the guys went golfing
and the girls enjoyed going to the aquarium...

watching the albino toad

petting stingrays

petting horseshoe crabs

watching shark and other fish


... and a couple of crabs... lol

Getting souvenir pennies before we left...

on a seaturtle

On the way home, we ventured off
and found a beach access that we had never been to.
We enjoyed searching for shells,
as well as the different scenery...

our lil' girls and their cousins

walking to the beach

feeling the water

Ally taking a rest

One of the evenings, my brother and his wife
humored all of us by trying on my beloved's gear... LOL

(we think it weighed more than she did!)

We, also, enjoyed visiting with my mama & gramma
and caught a few pics with them before they flew home...

Generational Photo...

Great-Gramma, Gramma, the great-grandchildren, and the granddog

Another generational photo...

Great-Gramma (my gramma), Gramma (my mama), Mama (me),
the great-grandchildren (our children), and the granddog

It was a real blessing to have family visit!

It is a rare but wonderful occasion
and we enjoyed making memories together!

"Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits,
even the God of our salvation. Selah."~ Psalm 68:19


Dawn said...

Family, no matter how big or small is such a precious gift from GOD. I am so glad you had a wonderful time with yours! The pictures are gracious memories to be cherished.
Thank you for sharing!! :)

Amy ~ (Life's Small Treasures) said...

What a great time you had! Glad your family was able to come down for a visit and to see Ally graduate.

Mackenzie has the same dress that Beth is wearing in the aquarium pictures, but her flowers are pink and yellow :D

Hope you have a great and restful weekend.


Marci said...

Great pictures. It looks like everyone had a good time. I love the generational pictures. Your Grandma looks really young!!!

MrsMelody said...

What great pictures. :) Looks like lots of fun.

Mrs. Taft said...

I really enjoyed these pictures. Family is the best!

PlainJane said...

Love the ocean & aquarium - I'll take an ocean over 10,000 lakes any day. (Be content in all things, Be content in all things). Fun photos - I never thought of a grand-dog before, funny! Oh, And HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!


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