Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy Sukkot!

Chag Sukkot Sameach!
Happy Sukkot Feast!

Our finished sukkah and giant menorah :)

The Feast of Tabernacles {Sukkot} has begun!
We look forward to this week long celebration
as we rejoice in our redemption from Egypt {sin},
how we dwell in temporary dwellings now
but that one day we will dwell eternally with Him...
rejoicing in our Messiah's birth,
how He came and tabernacled {dwelt} among us...
rejoicing that one day He will return
and tabernacle among us once again...
rejoicing in the coming marriage supper of the Lamb...
and so much more He has done
and what is to come!!

There is SO much to learn from His feast days!
May we choose to learn...
choose to seek His ways.

May you be blessed
as you rejoice in His moedim {appointed times}!



Enjoy this wonderful song of rejoicing!

chag haSukkot Hazeh,
Z'man simchatenu.

This is the time of our rejoicing,
Z'man simchatenu
baruch ata Adonai {YHVH} Eloheinu,
melech haOlam, shehecheyanu,
v'kiyemanu, v'hegianu lazman hazeh.

Halleluyah, Sukkot has come, halleluyah!


5blessings said...

awesome sukkah, great job, so pretty and peaceful.

PlainJane said...

Your sukkah turned out lovely. Happy Sukkot to you and yours!

A Will for YHVH said...

I love it! Hope you have a great time this week!
Love you!!

Jen B. said...

Did you learn about the feasts and celebrations right out of the Bible or did you have a seperate book you read about them.

Reading all your posts here and on FB has us desiring to learn more about these ourselves.

Have a great weekend.

HsKubes said...

Thank you, everyone :)

Love you, Will. ♥ ;)

Jen, I have been learning, mostly, from Scripture itself. However, I do own a couple of books that got us started with studying the feasts in our homeschool.
They are: The Family Guide to Biblical Holidays by Robin Sampson and Celebrating the Messiah in the Festivals by Susan Mortimer. They were helpful in guiding me to some Scriptures and ideas to celebrate but I've had to sift through a lot of tradition.
One book I recommend is Israel's Feasts and Their Fullness by Batya Wootten.
And, of course, the BEST book to read about the feats is Scripture! ;)

~ Christina


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