Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Feast of Tabernacles

This week we begin observing and celebrating
The Feast of Tabernacles.
This is only our second year of learning about
and keeping the feast days of our Creator
and we continue to learn so much...
and continue to find them such a delight!

I came across this video,
which I thought did a very good job
explaining more about The Feast of Tabernacles.

Please watch. Please share.
Learn about these feast days,
that one day ALL mankind will observe!
They are amazing!

"And it shall be that all who are left from all the gentiles
which came up against Yerushalayim {Jerusalem},
shall go up from year to year to bow themselves
to the Sovereign, יהוה {YHVH} of hosts,
and to observe the Festival of Booths {Tabernacles}."
~ Zechariah 14:16

Blessings and Shalom!

1 comment:

Emily Fay said...

Wonderful! Thank you for sharing this. The video was great! We will be adding this to our family. :) Hope you are doing great!


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