Thursday, June 16, 2011

For the Love of Tea Giveaway

Ah... I love tea.
Growing up in the south,
I had such a love for iced sweet tea.

But, as an adult, I have developed
such a love for drinking hot tea
and, almost daily, tea times.

There are few hours in life more agreeable
than the hour dedicated to the ceremony
known as afternoon tea
Henry James


I thought of what a delight it would be
to share my love for tea!

And what fun to do so with a giveaway!
(It's been a long time since I've had one of those!)

The Giveaway...

A box of one of my favorite teas
{which a friend and I fondly call a 'liquid hug'}...
Scripture Tea's Chai Green Tea
a homemade tea wallet

To Enter:

*Just leave a comment here
with a way to contact you*

*Due to this being lightweight,
I am willing to ship overseas. :)

Entering will end at midnight on
Sunday, June 26, 2011
and a name will be drawn
and shared on
Monday, June 27th

Giveaway has ended

Happy tea drinking!

Psst... Please be sure to spread the word! ;o)


Miss_Rachel said...

YAY! I love the green chai tea you sent us! [and all the rest!]
I guess I entered, right? I'll tweet and facebook it for ya, even tho it will lessen my chances of winning....... I love this tea... and you!
te amo!

Andi said...

Count ME in! I love Tea! :) Thank you!

Sonja said...

What a great giveaway! :) I would love that tea wallet for sure...always thought that was a great idea.

Anonymous said...

i love tea too! i;d love to win!

Shoshana said...

Yes, Tea is a great fellowship drink, and even though we are miles away, its like we are having tea together...Since hubby is a Brit, we have tea ALOT, always LOVED the tea wallets, darling idea...thanks for the wonderful drawing..Chai and bye...haha Love and hugs!

Kathy Aprile said...

I drink tea each day, or in the evening, year round! Drinking hot tea is so pleasant (to me). I began doing this after meeting my mom-in-law from England, and have continued tea drinking ever since. ;o) I add cinnamon and ginger root or ginger powder to most of the teas I drink. Does anyone else do that? I like the flavor it gives especially to black teas.

Leah said...

Count me in...sounds delicious :) And as cold as it is in Montana...I can always use a warm cup of tea. The tea wallet reminds me so much of my mother-in-law and prayerfully, one day, YHVH will "bring her back" to us to I can tell her all about it! Shalom and thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love drinking tea! I would love to try this tea!!! The tea wallet looks beautiful too!


Aurora said...

I´m from Germany - I guess, you won´t ship it till here, right? ;o)
But I love tea, we even have a samowar at home and love to spend the evenings outside, drinking tea and talking.

Missy said...

That tea wallet is so pretty! I just love chai tea also!

Anne said...

Dear Christina,
How lovely... Thank you for this giveaway :)

Suzanne McDaniel said...

Do you ship to Costa Rica? LOL.. I'd love to win this! And chai is my fav!

HsKubes said...

Hi ladies! I just wanted to let y'all know that since this is so lightweight, I am willing to ship overseas. ;o)

Thank you all for your interest and for your kind words! :)


taylormom2six said...

What better way to read your blog, than with a hot cup of tea! :)

Phil. 4:13

Amy said...

I adore hot tea and sweet iced tea. I would love to enter!


windycindy said...

What a delightful prize
giveaway...The Scripture
Tea sounds wonderful and I
absolutely adore the
handmade Tea Wallet. What
a lovely way to take tea
with you..Many thanks, Cindi

Tiffany @ As For My House said...

Thank you for such a lovely giveaway!

I enjoy chai tea, but have never heard of GREEN CHAI TEA, so this would be a lot of fun to try!

tiffany (at) tiffanyblitz (dot) com

Anonymous said...

Hi there Christina, oh joy when I saw you mention tea!! I would love to be included in your giveaway draw. blessings Sandra in NZ

Aurora said...

Ups, I forgot my mail-address:


Anonymous said...

Count Me in sister!

I have had to give up drinking my black coffee and found that iced tea or warm tea is helping me get over the lack of coffee sadness I am enduring(I loved coffee for the taste as I did not use creamer or sugar)..

Debbie Silviano said...

What a great idea Christina!! Count me in!! :)

Email me for my address if I happen to win!!

nickandkatherine said...

Yes please to entering me. I love tea, hot and just the right amount of milk all day and every day here in the UK.

Adorning Grace said...

Oh, I am so glad I didn't miss this one :) Enter me please!!!

Iamredeemed said...

I would *love* to win this - Id give it to my dear friend who would get so much pleasure from it. :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah ! Hello Dear sister this is Karen Holm I love tea very much I grow up drinking tea , Pleas count me in, I am your friend in facebook :D ,may the Lord bless you and all ways keep you. :D

Anonymous said...

Hello Dear sister, this is Karen holm I with love to I love tea I drink one every day , my God bless you and keep you my Dear friend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christina-I love reading about your tea times and especially your Chai Green Tea. I would love to try it. You can contact me at


Cindy said...

I can remember drinking tea with my Grandma when I was little. Sweet memories!

Lori said...

~Add me~ I'd love to try the Chai Green Tea and the tea wallet is too cute.

You can contact me on my blog or through Facebook.

Mrs. Taft said...

Please enter me! :)

Mrs. Mandy said...

I finally found scripture tea in my neck of the woods, yippee! It would be great to win this because I could use the hug it provides right about now. The tea wallet alone would be a blessing to me.
300sms (at) gmail (dot)com

Crystal said...

Oh did I miss the cut off for this hope not!!! I was just looking to see how you made those cause I carry tea with me everywhere
Crystal Boyd Roberts


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