Saturday, May 7, 2011

Trip to Sea World

One of the many advantages of homeschooling
is that we often have the ability
to get certain discounts, as educators...
And one of the few advantages of living in the city
is the variety of local attractions.

Well, this past week was one of those times
when the advantages collided. :)

Earlier this week, we had the opportunity
to visit the local Sea World for the first time
and at a great educator's rate. :)

There were many wonderful sights to see!

We began with going to the sea lion show...

It was very interesting to watch the sea lion
and the trainer interact with each other.


After the sea lion show,
we watched the seals nearby,
some swimming, some begging for food,
and some soaking up the sunshine...

A little learning, too...


We, also, ventured our way to the dolphins...

It was a lot of fun to watch them jump and play...


When we stumbled upon the tidal pool,
everyone was thrilled.
We enjoyed learning about what creatures
lurked within and how all of them
were safe to touch and handle.

sea urchins

Notice the one on the bottom right?
It has six arms instead of five. Neat, huh?

Our Carolynne was the one that could have stayed
at the tidal pool all day...
or, at least, until she touched every starfish...
which she tried. ;o)


The aquariums were lots of fun, too!
I was thrilled to hear all three of them
identifying the different fish
(most from memory!).

Okay, the size of this grouper fish was just... wow!

See the fish? See the stone? See the stone fish?
Weird huh?

Isn't YHVH's creation amazing?!

And, yes, we found Nemo...
and he really does love the anemone. ;o)


It was a day of delightful learning!
We just love days like those!

O {YHVH} LORD, how great are thy works!
Psalm 92:5


Miss_Rachel said...

AWESOME photos! YHVH's creations are awesome, truly. It would have been so fun to go Sea World with you, altho I am not too fond of all the sea creatures........... especially deep sea fish/creatures. SCARY things. Like something out of the Journey to the Center of the Earth book or something.... eek!

taylormom2six said...

We haven't been to Sea World since Tim and Brett were little (around 1996). We are hoping to make a trip down there soon, we want to take the younger ones to Lego Land (they have homeschool days every month except April and the summer months I believe). They are discounted days too. I didn't realize Sea World did this too, I think that a lot of the amusement type places are starting to tap into the homeschooling community. Yay for us!!!

Looks like a great time was had by all!

Happy Mother's Day!

Phil. 4:13

Emily Fay said...

It looks like it was a delightful trip! Loved seeing photos! Have a beautiful weekend!

lusi said...

Great photos of what looks like a great trip!
Love that last photo especially :-)
Lusi x


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