Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Our Neighbors... African Turtles

We noticed our neighbors were outside
in their front yard the other day
so we took the opportunity
to go as a family to greet them.

They weren't very chatty
but the were lots of fun to meet!

Hi. We're Bismark and Hood.
named after two battleships...
(which our son, surprisingly to us, already knew
those were the names of battleships!
I love homeschool!)

A picnic lunch on the lawn

You never know what sort of neighbors you have...
be sure to get to know them. ;o)


Alexandra said...

What in the world?! Where did these cuties come from?? Do i get to pet them?? :-) Thanks for sharing pics. I really enjoy keeping in touch with home from your posts. Can't wait to see in in TWO DAYS!!!!!!!!!
love you!
love, Als

HsKubes said...

LOL, Ally. These are the neighbors. I'm sure they won't mind you meeting them when you come home. ;o) We are all excited here! We can't wait to see you! :-D
Love you bunches!
Love, Mama


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