Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spiritual Snacking

Morning dawns and, with sleep still in my eyes,
I make my way down the stairs.
I walk past the computer,
noticing the photos on the screensaver,
making my way to the kitchen cupboard.

I grab one of my favorite mugs
and take it to the coffee pot on the counter,
which has been storing hot coffee for me.
The sleepy eyes begin to widen
as the steam from the coffee reaches my nose.
I add a little cream, a little sugar, and lift my mug
as I shuffle to the computer chair.

As I begin sipping my hot coffee,
waiting for that moment when I feel more awake,
I start to read various things online...
discussions of spiritual things on Facebook,
composing an email or message to encourage others,
verses here and there from the Bible program on my computer.

The children come down the stairs to greet me
and to grab a quick breakfast,
then head back upstairs to play for a while.

I'm awake now and focusing very intently on
the spiritual discussions, composing emails,
and searching verses on my computer.

The children come down, again...
this time ready for lunch.
Wow! Have I been sitting here that long?

There's much to get done
before the afternoon arrives and passes...
so I head to the kitchen to make lunch,
then work to get some things accomplished,
checking those spiritual conversations and verses,
that I left at the computer, in between tasks.
I continue on in our afternoon activities.

Evening arrives, supper is made,
husband walks through the door.
We enjoy our meal
and share about our day.
Supper is finished,
we clean up our supper mess,
load the dishwasher,
and some time together as a family
before it's time to put the children to bed.

We finish a few tasks here and there
and sit to spend the evening with my husband,
to check the computer for the
spiritual conversations from earlier, as well as new ones,
and a few more searches
for Scripture on the computer program,
before we head to bed for the night.

We turn out the lights,
make our way up the stairs,
and retire for the night...
wake in the morning...
repeat cycle.

Some time passes and I start noticing
how I seem to be struggling more often...
easily angered, not getting much accomplished,
feeling defeated, depressed, robbed of joy...

I don't understand. What's going on?
Why do I feel as though
I'm just not satisfied in my soul?

How did that happen?
I've been feeding myself with His Word...
haven't I?

But I'm hungry.
I'm starving.

His still, small voice speaks to me,
"My child,
I offer a feast to you each day...

but you, dear one,
have only been spiritually snacking...

In the midst of your busyness,
your distractions,

your own interests and pursuits,
you have only been taking nibbles
of spiritual fast food.

You lack nourishment, strength,
and health from your spiritual snacking.
You have missed the meals
I have prepared for you.

Meals of the meat from My Word.

Sit, My child, and eat.
Daily, sit at the table of My Word
and let Me feed you
with the spiritual food
you need for life and health.

"And He humbled thee,
and suffered thee to hunger,

and fed thee with manna,
which thou knewest not,

neither did thy fathers know;
that He might make thee know
that man doth not live by bread only,
but by every word that proceedeth out
of the mouth of {YHVH} the LORD
doth man live."

Deuteronomy 8:3

"... I have esteemed the words of His mouth
more than my necessary food."
Job 23:12


Emily of A Beautiful Life said...


mrbeansmom said...

I love this....

Rebekah said...

Amen! Thanks for the reminder Christina. Something I have done as well.. need to sit at His feet and feast on Him...

rjcmj said...

You have a true talent for poetry and blessing others with beautiful, heart felt prayer!
Blessings in Yeshua HaMashiach!

Sarah beth said...

Such a great post, thank you for sharing your words here.

Its my goal and promise to self that I wake and read the Word. It completely changes my children play so well in the mornings so its perfect. My new goal is to read in the evenings with my husband, it doesnt happen each night like I would like it too. This just re~encourages me!

When we go on vacation, our schedule can be so out of wack and I dont get that precious time in..i see such a change in me.. draining!!!

thanks again!!!!

Blessings, sarah beth

Sowers of Hope said...

Thanks for sharing!! :-)
~ Claudia

Sigalit Chana said...


Melody said...

Mmmm. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Christina. I hope you don't mind if I link to you from my blog so that others can read it as well. SO true. Thank you for the reminder!


Kristi said...

Beautifully written, Christina! You put into exact words what I have felt but did not know how to express.
This one was for me!


Miss_Rachel said...

I loved this post. it was such encouragement. I love to read your blog. Your blog is so encouraging to me and I love to read it. :) I love to read the simple insights you pull from your day that helps me along through mine.
thanks for being my friend.
thank you, Abba, for bringing Mrs. Hskubes to me as a friend. I love her, Abba and I thank you for giving me her as an encouragement and a friend. She is a true friend. Thank you, Abba.

HsKubes said...

Thank you, ladies. :)
Praise YHVH for the encouragement He sends!

HsKubes said...

Rachel, you dear girl, you bless me so! I praise YHVH for our friendship and hope that He will one day bless us with the opportunity to meet and fellowship together. {{{hugs}}} ♥


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