Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Little Change...

Our lives seem to never have,
what I would call, "little change".

We recently moved
completely across the country
(40+ days in a camper)...
Not what I would call
"a little change".

We are preparing for
our eldest daughter leaving our home
to head to Bible college,
as she follows what she believes
to be the LORD's will...
Not what I would call
"a little change"

As I have been diligently seeking
JEHOVAH's truths and HIS ways,
desiring to obey and please HIM,
HE has been opening our eyes
in so many, many ways
and helping us to make changes...
Not what I would call
"a little change"

In lieu of what HE has been teaching me,
I was motivated to make
what I would call
"a little change"...

That little change,
as you may have observed,
was to this blog.

I've changed the color scheme...
made a few changes in the side bar...
made a button for others to use...
changed the description of our family...
changed the photos in our header
(there is no accident as to what the middle photo is)...
changed the 'theme' verse of my blog...

As I've been searching the Scriptures,
seeking HIS truths...
HE's opening eyes, hearts, minds
to see HIS narrow way more clearly.
And I want to love HIM more.
I want to walk
after HIS commands and instruction,
as HE taught from the beginning...

Change is good.

And this is love,
that we walk after his commandments.
This is the commandment,
That, as ye have heard from the beginning,
ye should walk in it."
2 John 1:6


Branch Of Wisdom said...

Isn't change a blessing! Love the middle photo :) We've been adhering to that same change.

Many blessings abound in His changes,

Elizabeth said...

Hi Christina,
Oh I understand about change. Change can be stressful but God knows the big picture and everything always works out for His good. I love the changes to your blog.

Susan said...

I'm curious about the middle picture and the changes! I've noticed a few subtle mentions of things here and there and am interested in hearing what you've been studying. Any plans to elaborate on your blog?

Melody said...

I'm curious as well, and am looking forward to hearing about the changes if you choose to share about them.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Change is usually good, it is the fear of change that is bad!

Lindsey said...

Love the "new" blog look! :-)

Another Beautiful Day said...

I am so praying for you. We just moved my Husband is Pastoring a new Church. My daughter started college last year. (oldest of 6) It is an adjustment. I have been praying for you the last few days just haven't taken the time to post.

((HUGS)) and Prayers,
Cristal in Florida

HsKubes said...

Tamara ~ Yes, change is a blessing, indeed! I have noticed some of the changes in your posts, as well. It is such an encouragement to see others. It is a, seemingly, lonely road but, oh, a blessed one. ;o)

Elizabeth ~ Yes, change is certainly not without challenges. ;o) I am thankful that HE is my helper and that, yes, HE is working to accomplish HIS good!
(Thank you for the comment about the blog makeover) ;o)

Susan and Melody ~ I do not believe that I will be able to stay silent, however, it may take some time before I can share what the LORD is teaching and the changes that are taking place. But I am praying when and what HE would have me to share. LORD willing, it will be fairly soon.

Michelle ~ Yes, the fear of change is bad. Thankful that HE has not given me the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7). Thankful that I can take that spirit of fear and cast it down and bring it into captivity to the obedience of Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5). Oh, HE is so good! ;o)

Lindsey ~ Thank you very much. :o)

Cristal ~ Thank you for your comment. It was an encouragement. And knowing that you have been praying for me blesses me beyond measure! Thank you, dear sister. May HE bless you for your love.

~ Christina

Erela said...

So excited for you all as you begin into this 'new' journey. :) I've seen your comments to Jacque and Stephanie B and was wondering if you were seeing things different. I look forward to reading what He reveals to you all. Shabbat Shalom

Dawn said...

Sabbath blessings Christina on this awesome day.

Change from YHWH is very, very good. When He opens our eyes, heart and soul to Biblical truth, we have 2 options. To obey or disobey. It's our choice.

I chose to obey 2 years ago, even though I didn't understand everything at the time, I knew what He was showing me was right and over time, I understood more and more and more.

All He wants is our obedience and He will teach us.

HalleluYAH \0/

Bren said...

Refining fire....not sure if that is a "change" but it sure brings change with it. My feet are still smoking!! :0)
So excited to read about what you have learned.
Praying for your daughter. I have been in awe of her for several years....all that she accomplishes and the drive that she has to learn.
Love the "little changes" to the blog!


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