Sunday, April 11, 2010

Haven at Home Happenings...

It's been a very busy week in the HsKubes' Home...
and it will be even busier this week
as the movers come to pack up our belongings
and load them into their truck,
preparing to take it across the country to California.

This may, in fact, be
my last "Haven at Home Happenings" themed post
for quite some time, as I'm unsure
how often I will be able to post from a computer...
but I wanted to share a few things
that have occurred in our home this past week...

"Formal" homeschooling has been put on hold for now,
due to our moving preparations,
so it was a particular delight that the LORD blessed us
with such beautiful weather
and the children spent most of their week out-of-doors.

Neighborhood children were on their spring break
and our younger ones enjoyed playing in the backyard with them.
Will seized the opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ
with another boy from the neighborhood
(about two weeks ago, he led a young girl to the LORD!
We are praying that this boy, too, will accept Jesus as his Savior).

It is such a blessing and thrill to my heart
to see his concern for lost souls
AND his obedience
to share with them the only way to Heaven...

"And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world,
and preach the gospel to every creature." ~ Mark 16:15


The younger children enjoyed having a table
set up in our reading room and used it
for many paper craft projects this week...

Purple, snowcapped mountains, a rainbow, and a happy sun
for Carolynne's scenic design

A sunny day of snow falling onto the purple mountains
and a garden of carrots growing in the field
for Beth's scene.

"The Battle of Bunker Hill" by Will

And our solar system, including the asteroid belt
was flowing from Will's creative 'juices'


In the middle of the week,
my beloved blessed us with our new
"Haven at Home on Wheels"!

We will be using this as we travel across the country
and once we get to California,
it will remain our home for about a month
as we decide what to do for housing.
That will be a minimum of 1 1/2 months in our
"Haven at Home on Wheels"!
We are very much looking forward to
the wonderful adventure ahead!
And praise the LORD for such an opportunity!


At the end of the week,
I enjoyed the blessing
of hosting a tea party at our home...

Invitations were sent earlier in the week...

Treats were made...

And guests arrived...

And, of course, tea was served! ;o)
It was a wonderful time of fun and fellowship!


On Saturday, Ally and I traveled about an hour away
to take her to the place where the ACT testing was.
She tested for five hours,
while mama enjoyed the local sights in solitude.
We enjoyed a special lunch together afterward
(and a quick shopping trip).

We traveled back towards home,
stopping at a friend's to pick up the younger ones.
Ally enjoyed unwinding by bike riding
with her friend...

The younger ones enjoyed playing out-of-doors, too,
and the mamas enjoyed a walk.

Spring had sprung...
and it was a delight to walk
and enjoy God's beautiful creation!

"Blessed be the Lord,
who daily loadeth us with benefits,
even the God of our salvation. Selah."
~ Psalm 68:19


Anonymous said...

Kristina I do pray all the very best for you travels across country. I am sorry I have not visited in a long while as I have had many things happening here. I hope to resume again soon. I look forward to reading about your overland adventures when you find time and internet access. Bless you and I will be praying for you all. hugs Sandra in NZ

Anonymous said...

God speed you on your journey! We started our married life in the military, so I enjoy reading your family story. And your tips on sewing, homemaking etc. Blessings, Anne

Sherry said...

Praying your move goes smoothly! I know how hard moves can be as a military wife. I still don't think it makes it any easier. Love the flower pics! :D

Sonja said...

What a GREAT idea I have to say about taking an RV! :0) I would have never thought of that at all. If we ever move cross-country, we will definitely have to do that. Right now, we'll just be moving up the states in the summer, so that's not too bad.

Have a great, safe, fun trip!
Sonja A.

PlainJane said...

Oh what beautiful flowers - that would be hard to leave, but I hear CA has flowers & an ocean too, teehe. God is Good -- at least He didn't relocate you to Alaska :).

What a lovely tea and invitations - the girls want to do a Victorian tea with their friends this summer.

And such a nice Haven of Home on Wheels - I could rough-it like that for a month or two very nicely.


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