Friday, July 15, 2011

Was It Changed??

Have you ever REALLY looked into
IF the Sabbath was changed?

Not one Scripture in the Bible
says Jesus changed the Sabbath to Sunday.

We NEED to seek Truth.
We NEED to search the Scriptures diligently.
We NEED to study.

Just because we have heard it all of our lives,
doesn't make it true.
Just because everyone else is doing it,
doesn't make it right.

When we put aside man's doctrine,
the Scriptures speak for themselves.

Be brave.

Grab your Bible...
Consider this...

‎"We are told to be separate and holy.
We can keep the other nine (commandments) and still blend in.
Keeping the Sabbath means coming out and being separate to God.
That's why God says the Sabbath is a sign between Him and His people. "
{via the video}

Open our eyes, Oh YHVH, to Your Truth.


Shoshana said...

awesome blog post...i shared the youtube post on my fb page...awesome.amazing how YHVH is bringing in His remnants to Himself through Torah and to know that we were taught otherwise as children is amazing...

Sowers of Hope said...

So true and yet so simple.

So You Call Yourself A Homeschooler? said...

So glad that God reveals His truth to those who ask (James 1:5). Our family celebrates the Sabbath as it has always been done - Friday sunset to Saturday sundown. It took much time spent with our Jesus to understand that what we were taught was wrong - and are so happy to be walking in freedom. We are also a fellow military family (my husband is Army) and it can be challenging at times to do all the preparation alone during his long deployments, but there is such a satisfaction in obedience that far outweighs the work. Thank you for spreading His truth! Visiting you from:

Heidi said...

This is the exact truth that tipped the scale for me. I was quite upset that my sister was "being led astray" and keeping Sabbath. So my husband told me to prove that she was wrong. I was shocked that I couldn't! Praise YHVH for His Shabbat!

Mommy Set Free said...

You always post such encouraging posts for Sabbath Reading! Would you please consider joining us over at The Shabbat Linky each week and linking them there. I would love to share your beautiful posts with others. The linky comes out on Fridays, but you can add to it Friday or Saturday. We do hope to see you there.

Blessings IN HIM and Shabbat Shalom,

Beth said...

I have always wondered about that myself. When I was in high school at a Christian school, the change from worshipping on Saturday to Sunday was explained to us that it was another proof that the Lord had risen. I remember that there were several "proofs" that we were tested on, one being the disciples' testimony, another was the empty tomb, and I remember that the "switch" of the day of worship went along with it. I don't remember exactly why it was explained that way except that the disciples changed their worship day to Sunday instead of the 7th day. Does that make sense to you the way that I explained it? I guess we just took it that it was the truth. But again, I've always wondered about it...There's a LOT of things I wonder about and I don't seem to be able to find the answer or I don't feel like it was "the" answer when I've asked. Clothing for women and "covering" are a few of those. I always get little "pre-packaged" answers and it sometimes doesn't seem like the are right. Thanks for making me think, again.

NIkki said...

I questioned why we worship on Sundays as Christians. When I researched it, I found out that it was changed because Christians wanted to differentiate themselves from Jews who worshiped on Saturday. Jesus was raised on Sunday, so the new Christians began to worship on Sundays. Paul also talks about how we are set free from the old law in Galatians 3. We no longer have to follow the old law, the Torah, because Jesus came to fulfill what is written in the Torah. We can never be saved by following the rules set forth in the Torah since we can never be "good" enough for God. The Torah is the old the covenant, Jesus set up a new covenant when he died on the Cross as the final sacrifice for our sins. Jesus came not to bind us by the law, but to set us free (Gal 3:11). It is important to know the Torah, but only because it points to Jesus and was the bases for the things that the Gospels talk about.

TN Quiltbug said...

I love the Sabbath! Friday sundown to Sabbath sundown. It has always been interesting to me, how the 7th day Sabbath is often thought of as done away with--yet no one would say that the ten commandments are done away with. Are we now allowed to kill each other? Or to take another's spouse? Not trying to start arguments or downgrade anyone. I was so blessed to be raised with the 7th day Sabbath, so to me it is "normal." Not all my relatives were raised this way, and it is so strange and different for them from how they were raised. The best thing is to study the Bible for yourself, and pray for God to guide you. Blessings, Everyone!

Humble wife said...

Such a simple journey to clarity.

Thank you for sharing this link.


HsKubes said...

Shoshana ~ Indeed, it is amazing how YHVH is gathering His sheep! :)

Claudia ~ Amein!

SoYouCallYourselfaHomeschooler ~ Yes, He does reveal Himself. Praise Yah! May we seek Him with our whole hearts!
It's always nice to meet a fellow military homeschooler. :) So glad you visited! Blessings!!

Heidi ~ What a testimony! Praise YHVH! I was searching Scripture to "prove" the Sabbath was done away with, too, and He proved to me otherwise. Praise Yah! He is so good!

Pamela ~ Thank you. I would love to participate and will try to. Thank you for inviting me! Shalom!!

~ Christina

HsKubes said...

Beth ~ I understand completely! :) I was taught the same... that Sabbath/day of worship was changed to Sunday because Messiah rose on that day or because the apostles gathered on that day... but the Father revealed to me through His Scripture alone that the doctrine I had learned did not/does not line up with His Word.
May the Father continue to guide you in His Truth, friend. May He continue to open our eyes!
~ Christina

HsKubes said...

Hello Nikki :)
I do agree that the day of worship was changed to be separated from the Jews... however, I do NOT see, in Scripture, where anyone had the authority to do so.
The 7th day Sabbath has been from the beginning and will be, still, in the Millennium reign. God has not changed His mind... only man had changed it. We MUST get back to only Scripture and not man's doctrine.
Yes, Messiah rose on the first day (when the Sabbath ended) but he never gave a command to worship on that day, nor did the apostles or new believers claim to change the day. In fact, we see that the apostles taught in the synagogues ON the Sabbath. :)

I, also, disagree that Paul taught we should not obey Torah (the "old" law). In fact, he claimed that he obeyed it when questioned. He taught that obeying the law was not necessary for salvation and that we were/are free from the CURSE of the law... not free to be lawless. :)
Messiah came to complete/fulfill the law... but He VERY specifically said He did NOT come to destroy it. Fulfill and destroy CANNOT mean the same thing. And right after He says this, He says that not one little stroke or tittle will pass from the law until heaven and earth pass away... heaven and earth are still in existence, and so it the Father's commands. :)

I completely agree that we can never be saved by following the Father's commands, the Torah... but no one has ever been saved by obeying His commands. His commands have NEVER been for salvation. Salvation has always been by grace through faith. :)
His commands are the "wedding vows", His "house rules"... they show us His heart and teach us how to walk in a way that pleases Him.

Messiah came to "re"new the Father's covenant. There are many covenants... they layered on top of each other... a "new" covenant {REnewed covenant} does NOT do away with the old.
If the "old" covenants are "done away with", then we do not have those promises to look forward to.

I agree that Messiah did not come to "bind us to the law"... He came to SHOW us how to walk in it properly. And He sent us the Spirit to help us.
He came to set us free from the CURSE... not the law itself.
Yes, the Torah does point us to the Messiah... but we do not throw it away once we find Him.
If we love Him, we obey His commandments. :)

May YHVH continue to lead us in Truth.

HsKubes said...

Greetings Quiltbug!
Ah, I love Shabbat, too! What a delight it is! You are blessed, indeed, to have the Sabbath throughout your life! Praise Yah!
And, yes, may we search the Scriptures diligently, asking the Father to teach us His ways!

Humble wife (Jennifer) ~ You're very welcome. I hope it was a blessing. May Abba continue to open our eyes and bless us with understanding and, as you said, clarity. :)

~ Christina

Jerelene said...

I love your are busy in sharing such wonderful things with others..I am finding it refreshing in finding so many others that keep the sabbath and are marching forward to share that truth...I've not been that brave yet...Blessings to you and I look forward to getting to know you better...


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