Saturday, November 15, 2008

Weeks Gone By...

I am amazed sometimes at how busy life can get.
Our past couple of weeks haven't, necessarily,
been full of exciting events but they have been busy.
I've not had much time, at all, to post
so I wanted to take advantage of a few moments
to share photos from the past couple of weeks.

Around the house...

Ally & Carolynne making a supper together

Dad & Will involved in an intense game of RISK

Will & the lil' girls gathered at the piano
singing Christmas carols

The lil' girls getting fun rides from Daddy

... and then trying to do the same with each other...

Suzie's been givin' Mama sugars

Out of the house...

Ally enjoyed cutting fresh flowers at a friend's

Playing and climbing at the park

Swinging with Daddy

Mama & Ally enjoy a dinosaur ride together

Daddy, Will, & Carolynne enjoy a plane ride

We enjoyed an afternoon with friends

at the park and canoeing...

playing ball

playing under the picnic table

Enjoy Literature out-of-doors

Enjoying the delights of holding a baby

Older children and the dads in the canoe

On their trip, they spotted a 15 foot alligator!

The younger ones and the dads canoeing

On their trip, they lost an oar (see it floating?)

There's been more but those are some highlights.
We've had a great couple of weeks and hope you have, too!

"Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised;
and his greatness is unsearchable."
~ Psalm 145:3


Tori said...

What a wonderful time! It looks like everyone had a great time enjoying each other.
Happy Lord's Day!

PlainJane said...

Looks like a fun time. Yikes, a 15' alligator, I'd be a bit scared out in the canoe then. Looks like you are having beautiful fall weather - it's snowing here currently - not a lot, but just a beautiful "white" day.

Shannon @ Some Fine Taters said...

Is that Lord of the Rings Risk? We love that version!

HsKubes said...

Tori ~ Thank you! We have been enjoying one another. I hope you have a blessed Lord's Day, too.

Plain Jane ~ The alligator would've scared me, too! Glad I wasn't in the canoe. We have been enjoying the fall weather, though most of the leaves have fallen. What a blessing the snow must be. We are praying we get to see some this year, too!

Shannon ~ That is just original edition of RISK. ;o)

~ Christina

Jodi said...

What lovely days you've been having full of joyful family times. So, did anyone go get the lost oar ... in the lake ... with the 15' alligator? Even the thought of leaning out to grab the oar gives me goosebumps just thinking about it - lol.

HsKubes said...

Jodi ~
The dads turned the canoe around to get the oar. The oar fell out on the 2nd trip & the gator was on the 1st trip. Plus they were on different sides of the river so retreiving the oar wasn't too hazzardous to anyone's health. ;o)

~ Christina


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