Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Time to Rest... Still...

Thank you to those that have prayed for me this past week.
I am feeling alright, though a cough still lingers,
and am trying to rest as I am able
(which can be particularly challenging, as my personality, in general,
goes against the reality of resting, though I'm fond of the idea of it,
and with a husband, four children, a dog, a household to run,
and many et ceteras, the idea of rest scarcely becomes a reality,
as I'm sure many of you can relate Ü ).

I have been able to accomplish a few things, however,
that didn't require much physical energy.
I was glad to finish a dress for myself this week
and I was able to tweak our schedule
(which is often in a 'tweaking state')
and get it hung on the wall for our daily, visible reminder.
I was, also, able to get some Scripture cards
hung on my wall, which I've been desiring to do for a long time.
I've spent time with the children
and have enjoyed their thoughtfulness this week,
in addition, to 'extra' sugars and snuggles. ;o)

I did get a couple of 'energy spurts', too,
and was able to conquer Mount Washmore(!!!),
reorganize the pantry and the cabinets in the kitchen,
and declutter and move the furniture in the lil' girls' room.

It has been a full week for us. ;o)
I look forward to taking it easy today,
as we have no outside engagements
and nothing, partiularly, pressing to do at home.
I hope to do a bit of homeschool with the children,
read our Daniil book, and read aloud more with Ally.

I hope that y'all are enjoying your week, as well.
Thank you, again, for the kind words that were left
and for your prayers. They are a blessing!

"Yet the LORD will command
his lovingkindness in the daytime,
and in the night his song shall be with me,
and my prayer unto the God of my life."
~ Psalm 42:8


Amy ~ (Life's Small Treasures) said...

Glad you are feeling better! Will keep you in my prayers that you continue getting stronger.

Sounds like in spite of your illness you did accomplish much!

Hope you have a great week/weekend.

Kristy... said...

So glad that you are feeling better.. cant wait to see regular posts again soon!!! :P

Lisa said...

Hi sis, Glad your feeling better,tell all the kids hi and I love them!
your sister,

PlainJane said...

Christina, I don't see a whole lot of resting in your post - sounds pretty busy to me - a bit like me, I like to do a lot of quiet organizing too, but I don't think moving furniture qualifies under "REST". lol Glad you are doing better though.

Please do take care - there's only one of you!
Blessings & Prayers


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